• Made in USA

Preset Smart Dimmer with IR Receiver, for single location use. Choose from 600 or 1000 watt incandescent loads.


  • Adjust the lights from anywhere in the room with remote control (sold separately).
  • Full-range dimming.
  • Compatible with most learning remote controls.
  • LEDs glow softly in the dark for easy dimmer location and show preset light level when the product is off.
  • Customizable delayed fade to off lets you leave the room before lights go out.
  • Easy installation and retrofit.
  • Power failure memory - Maestro remembers your settings even after power interruption.
  • Superior suppression of interference with radio and TV.

Package contains (1) dimmer with built-in receiver. Face plates and remotes sold separately.

Item Number
MIR-600-AL MIR-600-BG MIR-600-BI MIR-600-BL MIR-600-BR MIR-600-BT MIR-600-CB MIR-600-DS MIR-600-ES MIR-600-GB MIR-600-GR MIR-600-GS MIR-600-HT MIR-600-IV MIR-600-KW MIR-600-LA MIR-600-LL MIR-600-LS MIR-600-MN MIR-600-MR MIR-600-MS MIR-600-OC MIR-600-PD MIR-600-PL MIR-600-SG MIR-600-SI MIR-600-ST MIR-600-SW MIR-600-TP MIR-600-TQ MIR-600-WH MIR-1000-AL MIR-1000-BG MIR-1000-BI MIR-1000-BL MIR-1000-BR MIR-1000-BT MIR-1000-CB MIR-1000-DS MIR-1000-ES MIR-1000-GB MIR-1000-GR MIR-1000-GS MIR-1000-HT MIR-1000-IV MIR-1000-KW MIR-1000-LA MIR-1000-LL MIR-1000-LS MIR-1000-MN MIR-1000-MR MIR-1000-MS MIR-1000-OC MIR-1000-PD MIR-1000-PL MIR-1000-SG MIR-1000-SI MIR-1000-ST MIR-1000-SW MIR-1000-TC MIR-1000-TP MIR-1000-TQ MIR-1000-WH