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Design by Joan Gaspar, 2013.
By Marset.

The Nenufar from Marset takes its name and delicate shape from the water lily. Originating from Joan Gaspar's arduous quest to create a fixture that seems to float on air, the Nenufar is a cluster of pendants made up of several discs connected by the same stem, but separated from each other in a way that the beams emitted by the different elements are not broken by the lowest component. Utilizing LED technology, the result is a strong, uniform, direct beam that emerges beneath the discs, creating warm, welcoming atmospheres.

The Nenufar finds its true beauty when installed in a series, creating areas lit at different heights and with various sequences of discs. When combined with the Nenufar 1 or Nenufar 2, the results are simply breathtaking.

Offered in Black or White, with a polished chrome stem. Provides decorative and architectural light. Cord color matches the color of the model. Shown in black.

Note: Canopy sold separately. When the project requires a combination of multiple Nenufar models, you will have to take into account the total power in watts, the power of the driver, and the wire entry points of the canopy. The total wattage of the selected Nenufar elements cannot exceed the max wattage of the selected canopy's driver. Also, the number of Nenufar pendants installed in a single canopy cannot exceed the number of wire entry points of that canopy, however not all wire entry points need to be used. Each Nenufar 3 Pendant Light requires 27W of power.

For pre-set configurations, shop the full Nenufar Collection.

  • 10.2"L x 9.76"W x 24.84"H
chrome, metal, polycarbonate, polymer
Lamp Type
27W 24V LED, 2100 lumens, 2700K (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
A647-024 A647-025