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The Ola PL6 Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light is an extravagant light fixture defined by its stunning use of color and opulent glass details. Made from metal and featuring a round, circular shape, the frame of this modern ceiling light is finished with a powder-coasted finish and draped with Italian-glass accents. When illuminated, this decorative ceiling light casts diffused, ambient light that is perfect for use in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living room spaces.
  • 16-Inch: 15.74"D X 10.23"H
  • 24-Inch: 23.7"D X 10.23"H
  • 36-Inch: 35.5"D X 10.23"H
Metal, Italian glass
Lamp Type
  • 16-Inch / Incandescent: 6 X 40W 120V E12 (candelabra base) incandescent lamps (not included)
  • 16-Inch / LED: Uplight: 1 X 14W 120V LED module, 1600 lumens, 3000K (included) & Downlight: 1 X 14W 120V LED module, 1600 lumens, 3000K (included)
  • 24-Inch & 36-Inch / Incandescent: 6 X 60W 120V E26 (medium base) incandescent lamps (not included)
  • 24-Inch / LED: Uplight: 1 X 10.5W 120V LED module, 1250 lumens, 3000K (included) & Downlight: 1 X 31.5W 120V LED module, 3800 lumens, 3000K (included)
  • 36-Inch / LED: Uplight: 1 X 12.5W 120V LED module, 1500 lumens, 3000K (included) & Downlight: 1 X 37W 120V LED module, 4500 lumens, 3000K (included)
Item Number
OLA PL6 40 F03 OLA PL6 40 F01 OLA PL6 40 P09 OLA PL6 40 WH-M OLA PL6 40 F02 OLA PL6 40 F03 LED OLA PL6 40 F01 LED OLA PL6 40 F09 LED OLA PL6 40 WH-M LED OLA PL6 40 F02 LED OLA PL6 60 F03 OLA PL6 60 F01 OLA PL6 60 P09 OLA PL6 60 WH-M OLA PL6 60 F02 OLA PL6 60 F03 LED OLA PL6 60 F01 LED OLA PL6 60 P09 LED OLA PL6 60 WH-M LED OLA PL6 60 F02 LED OLA PL6 90 F03 OLA PL6 90 F01 OLA PL6 90 P09 OLA PL6 90 WH-M OLA PL6 90 F02 OLA PL6 90 F03 LED OLA PL6 90 F01 LED OLA PL6 90 P09 LED OLA PL6 90 WH-M LED OLA PL6 90 F02 LED