• Eco-Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient

These ¾ inch ID downrods are for use with any Minka-Aire ceiling fan.

Item Number
DR512-ABDD DR512-BK DR512-BN DR512-BNW DR512-BS DR512-CPBR DR512-DKG DR512-GL DR512-GM DR512-KA DR512-LN DR512-MG DR512-MP DR512-ODK DR512-ORB DR512-PN DR512-PW DR512-RD DR512-RRB DR512-RW DR512-SI DR512-SL DR512-WHF DR512-44 DR518-ABDD DR518-BK DR518-BN DR518-BNW DR518-BS DR518-CPBR DR518-DKG DR518-GL DR518-GM DR518-KA DR518-LN DR518-MG DR518-MP DR518-ODK DR518-ORB DR518-PN DR518-PW DR518-RD DR518-RRB DR518-RW DR518-SI DR518-SL DR518-WHF DR518-44 DR524-ABDD DR524-BK DR524-BN DR524-BNW DR524-BS DR524-CPBR DR524-DKG DR524-GL DR524-GM DR524-KA DR524-LN DR524-MG DR524-MP DR524-ODK DR524-ORB DR524-PN DR524-PW DR524-RD DR524-RRB DR524-RW DR524-SI DR524-SL DR524-WHF DR524-44 DR536-ABDD DR536-BK DR536-BN DR536-BNW DR536-BS DR536-CPBR DR536-DKG DR536-GL DR536-GM DR536-KA DR536-LN DR536-MG DR536-MP DR536-ODK DR536-ORB DR536-PN DR536-PW DR536-RD DR536-RRB DR536-RW DR536-SI DR536-SL DR536-WHF DR536-44 DR548-ABDD DR548-BK DR548-BN DR548-BNW DR548-BS DR548-CPBR DR548-DKG DR548-GL DR548-GM DR548-KA DR548-LN DR548-MG DR548-MP DR548-ODK DR548-ORB DR548-PN DR548-PW DR548-RD DR548-RRB DR548-RW DR548-SI DR548-SL DR548-WHF DR548-44 DR560-ABDD DR560-BK DR560-BN DR560-BNW DR560-BS DR560-CPBR DR560-DKG DR560-GL DR560-GM DR560-KA DR560-LN DR560-MG DR560-MP DR560-ODK DR560-ORB DR560-PN DR560-PW DR560-RD DR560-RRB DR560-RW DR560-SI DR560-SL DR560-WHF DR560-44 DR572-ABDD DR572-BK DR572-BN DR572-BNW DR572-BS DR572-CPBR DR572-DKG DR572-GL DR572-GM DR572-KA DR572-LN DR572-MG DR572-MP DR572-ODK DR572-ORB DR572-PN DR572-PW DR572-RD DR572-RRB DR572-RW DR572-SI DR572-SL DR572-WHF DR572-44