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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Ships to Canada

The IC/Air2 Ceiling Fan was designed by Guto Indio Da Costa. With a slender and modern design, this 2 blade ceiling fan has a streamlined silhouette. Incorporating a high-efficiency DC motor and optional LED light source into its 56" blade span, the IC/Air2 is an innovative and energy conserving fan.

Constructed from die cast aluminum and with injection molded plastic blades, the IC/Air2 is available in a Bright Nickel, Dark Bronze or Gloss White finish. A variety of blade colors that include: Nickel, Dark, White, Clear, Ebony, Graywash, Mahogany, Maple, and Whitewash are available to best suit your needs. Choose from a Wall, Remote, or Combination Wall/Remote control option. Ships with an 8" and 18" down rod.

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high (CFM) = 7151.44
  • Watts at high = 31.8
  • Airflow efficiency at high (CFM/Watts) = 224.9

Control features:

  • Wall Control - Designed for independent operation of a fan and light using only one circuit (two wires). Provides six speeds, full range dimming, reverse function, and wires into wall box.
  • Remote Control - Designed for independent operation of a fan and light using only one circuit (two wires). Provides six speeds, full range dimming, reverse function, and comes with a wall hanging bracket.
  • Combo Control - A combination control package including our IC/Air Remote and Wall Control. Provides six speeds, full range dimming, and reverse function from both the wall control and remote handset.

  • 56"D X 4"H; 23.7" max overall height
  • Canopy: 5.5"D
Die-cast aluminum body, molded plastic blades
Lamp Type
1 X 20W 120V LED module, 3000K, 90 CRI (included)
Item Number
IC2-BN-56-CL-570-CC IC2-BN-56-CL-570-RC IC2-BN-56-CL-570-WC IC2-BN-56-CL-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-CL-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-CL-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-DK-570-CC IC2-BN-56-DK-570-RC IC2-BN-56-DK-570-WC IC2-BN-56-DK-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-DK-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-DK-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-EB-570-CC IC2-BN-56-EB-570-RC IC2-BN-56-EB-570-WC IC2-BN-56-EB-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-EB-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-EB-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-GY-570-CC IC2-BN-56-GY-570-RC IC2-BN-56-GY-570-WC IC2-BN-56-GY-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-GY-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-GY-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-MG-570-CC IC2-BN-56-MG-570-RC IC2-BN-56-MG-570-WC IC2-BN-56-MG-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-MG-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-MG-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-MP-570-CC IC2-BN-56-MP-570-RC IC2-BN-56-MP-570-WC IC2-BN-56-MP-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-MP-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-MP-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-NK-570-CC IC2-BN-56-NK-570-RC IC2-BN-56-NK-570-WC IC2-BN-56-NK-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-NK-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-NK-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-WH-570-CC IC2-BN-56-WH-570-RC IC2-BN-56-WH-570-WC IC2-BN-56-WH-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-WH-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-WH-NL-WC IC2-BN-56-WW-570-CC IC2-BN-56-WW-570-RC IC2-BN-56-WW-570-WC IC2-BN-56-WW-NL-CC IC2-BN-56-WW-NL-RC IC2-BN-56-WW-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-CL-570-CC IC2-DB-56-CL-570-RC IC2-DB-56-CL-570-WC IC2-DB-56-CL-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-CL-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-CL-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-DK-570-CC IC2-DB-56-DK-570-RC IC2-DB-56-DK-570-WC IC2-DB-56-DK-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-DK-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-DK-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-EB-570-CC IC2-DB-56-EB-570-RC IC2-DB-56-EB-570-WC IC2-DB-56-EB-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-EB-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-EB-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-GY-570-CC IC2-DB-56-GY-570-RC IC2-DB-56-GY-570-WC IC2-DB-56-GY-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-GY-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-GY-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-MG-570-CC IC2-DB-56-MG-570-RC IC2-DB-56-MG-570-WC IC2-DB-56-MG-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-MG-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-MG-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-MP-570-CC IC2-DB-56-MP-570-RC IC2-DB-56-MP-570-WC IC2-DB-56-MP-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-MP-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-MP-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-NK-570-CC IC2-DB-56-NK-570-RC IC2-DB-56-NK-570-WC IC2-DB-56-NK-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-NK-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-NK-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-WH-570-CC IC2-DB-56-WH-570-RC IC2-DB-56-WH-570-WC IC2-DB-56-WH-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-WH-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-WH-NL-WC IC2-DB-56-WW-570-CC IC2-DB-56-WW-570-RC IC2-DB-56-WW-570-WC IC2-DB-56-WW-NL-CC IC2-DB-56-WW-NL-RC IC2-DB-56-WW-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-CL-570-CC IC2-GW-56-CL-570-RC IC2-GW-56-CL-570-WC IC2-GW-56-CL-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-CL-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-CL-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-DK-570-CC IC2-GW-56-DK-570-RC IC2-GW-56-DK-570-WC IC2-GW-56-DK-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-DK-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-DK-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-EB-570-CC IC2-GW-56-EB-570-RC IC2-GW-56-EB-570-WC IC2-GW-56-EB-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-EB-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-EB-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-GY-570-CC IC2-GW-56-GY-570-RC IC2-GW-56-GY-570-WC IC2-GW-56-GY-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-GY-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-GY-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-MG-570-CC IC2-GW-56-MG-570-RC IC2-GW-56-MG-570-WC IC2-GW-56-MG-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-MG-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-MG-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-MP-570-CC IC2-GW-56-MP-570-RC IC2-GW-56-MP-570-WC IC2-GW-56-MP-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-MP-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-MP-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-NK-570-CC IC2-GW-56-NK-570-RC IC2-GW-56-NK-570-WC IC2-GW-56-NK-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-NK-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-NK-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-WH-570-CC IC2-GW-56-WH-570-RC IC2-GW-56-WH-570-WC IC2-GW-56-WH-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-WH-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-WH-NL-WC IC2-GW-56-WW-570-CC IC2-GW-56-WW-570-RC IC2-GW-56-WW-570-WC IC2-GW-56-WW-NL-CC IC2-GW-56-WW-NL-RC IC2-GW-56-WW-NL-WC