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Monorail Lighting

Learn More About Monorail Lighting

What is Monorail Lighting?

What sets monorail lighting apart from most other lighting techniques is its deeply customizable styling options. The main difference from its popular twin, track lighting, is that monorail lighting features flexible rails that allow for creating curved tracks while other lighting systems (such as the common track lighting) are restricted in their installation. Since monorail lighting can be bent for circular installations and hung from slanting ceilings, it offers the potential for unique applications of lighting within the home.

Monorail lighting systems are comprised of a single rail where either monorail lighting pendants or heads are attached. The monorail is a two-conductor, low-voltage rail that can be cut to custom lengths and joined with other rails with connectors to provide longer runs. You can choose between straight and geometric shapes for your rail so that any home and any light scheme can be accommodated.

Crafting a flexible track lighting system for your home takes a little more consideration than applying a simple light source such as a wall sconce. For one, you need to make sure that your lighting heads and pendants will fit into the track that you choose. Also, since monorail lighting systems are usually low voltage, they require their own transformers. Depending on your installation requirements, the type of transformer you choose can vary between surface mounted and remote options.

Where to Find the Monorail Lighting Components You Need

Creating the best monorail lighting system takes some time browsing through the different components of track lighting. Below are the different categories of monorail lighting items.

& : What might be the best part about choosing monorail lighting is getting to choose the heads and pendants. Versus track lighting, monorail lighting allows you to indulge in many different options for the lighting fixtures you can choose from.

: If you do not want to bother choosing each piece of your flexible track lighting system separately, you can find monorail kits that include all the pieces needed in the monorail kits section. Choose from top designers so that you can incorporate monorail lighting as easily as possible into your home while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Popular Modern Flexible Track Lighting Brands

YLighting offers monorail lighting options provided by several top modern lighting brands. Two of the most well-known brands are:

: A leader in innovative modern design, WAC Lighting specializes in recessed, decorative, track, and monorail lighting. WAC is known for its high-end decorative lighting fixtures, excellent shipping records, and its five-year product warranty.

: With a seemingly endless list of light design awards, TECH is one of the most well-known brand names in modern lighting. While TECH Lighting now produces nearly type of lighting fixture, their origins lay in the low-voltage lighting systems found in monorail lighting.

Top Monorail Lighting Products

With so many monorail lighting products to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Below are the most popular monorail pendant, head, and monorail kits found at YLighting.

: TECH Lighting presents this teardrop-shaped glass pendant - a favorite among our customers. This hand-blown piece can be both connected with TECH Lighting monorail systems or suspended individually from the ceiling.

: Also, by TECH Lighting, the Brim Monorail Head utilizes LED lighting in a slim fixture that is great for providing task lighting.

: With all the power and hardware included that is necessary for your basic installation, this monorail kit by TECH Lighting makes adding modern monorail lighting to your home simple.

At YLighting we provide the largest selection of modern monorail lighting so that every home will find the perfect lighting system. While offering the best selection in flexible track lighting systems, YLighting also applies no sales tax and free shipping on most orders. For any questions about monorail lights, we have a team of lighting experts that are ready to help at (866) 428 9289.

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