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Nicolas Terzani

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5 Results
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As the co-owner and Creative Director of Terzani, Nicolas Terzani defines their creative vision as a process rather than a specific design direction. Through experimenting with even the most familiar materials, Terzani invents new ways to use them.

Born in 1974 in Florence, Italy, Nicolas was raised in the Terzani family's creative culture. His style is emblematic of the Terzani brand, which is known for combining artisan techniques and luxurious materials with experimental, cutting-edge manufacturing processes. The results of this labor-intensive practice are unique, expressive designs. Nicolas often designs with the global market in mind, namely looking for products or objects that can be improved or are missing from the industry. A graduate of the European Business School in Paris, Nicolas currently lives in Miami, FL.

His unique, original, meticulously handcrafted designs are constantly evolving.