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Modern Outdoor Bars + Serving Carts

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The Importance of Modern Outdoor Serving Carts and Bars

Having a modern outdoor serving cart or an outdoor bar is a must when it comes to elevating your outdoor dining and entertaining experience. Whether you are a frequent host of large outdoor gatherings or you just want to make your outdoor space more relaxing, modern outdoor serving carts will make an amazing difference.

A serving cart on wheels is the perfect addition to your if you prefer to prepare your appetizers and snacks in inside and wheel them to their guests. Serving drinks or food will instantly be a breeze, allowing you to enjoy more fun in the sun. You'll be able to have a lot more mobility and flexibility when it comes to hosting your backyard parties. Modern outdoor serving carts will allow you to take the party with you anywhere from the beach to the rooftop patio. However, nothing creates an outdoor space quite like a modern outdoor bar. With a weather-resistant bar, you can throw outdoor gatherings all year round without having to worry about weather damage.

Hosting with Modern Outdoor Serving Carts

Hosting outdoors can be difficult, especially when drinks and hors d'oeuvres have to be served to many different people over a large area. A serving cart on wheels can make all the difference to make sure guests get their dinner and drinks faster and more efficiently. It could also serve as an outdoor serving station, so the party isn't bound by the limits of four walls.

It's easy to run out of storage space for backyard barbecues and pool parties. A patio serving cart is a convenient way to provide that extra space you need. If you’re having a BBQ, a modern outdoor serving cart is a great way to hold burgers, buns, condiments and everything else you need to fire up the grill. If you’re poolside, an outdoor bar cart on wheels is the perfect way to store all of your barware in one place.

Popular Styles of Modern Outdoor Serving Carts

Beyond making the party portable, patio serving carts on wheels can also accent your outdoor accessories. Modern outdoor serving carts come in a variety of colors and styles so you’re bound to find the one that fits your taste.

For instance, the is a bar serving cart by Fermob that provides a pop of color while allowing you to serve your guests almost anywhere. This bright and delightful option features wheels, a removable tray, and a wine rack on the bottom shelf so you can be the best outdoor host. Another tasteful option is the by Knoll, which will make outdoor entertaining easier with its dual-level serving tiers. This instant classic will provide your outdoor space with a fresh, clean look while withstanding the test of time thanks to its exceptional durability.

Serving with a Modern Outdoor Bar

A scenic view deserves a place to view it from and nothing sets the same mood as an outdoor bar. Whether if it is you serving or some hired help, an outdoor bar sets the stage for a great gathering. Vondom has a great selection of LED bars that will light up with a variety of color options. If cleaning dishes and glasses on the fly is important, choose a bar with a built-in sink and faucet, or if keeping drinks cold is needed, choose one with a built-in icebox.

Once you've decided on the best modern outdoor serving cart or outdoor bar you'll want to revamp the rest of your outdoor space. Take a look at other modern outdoor accessories such as , , and to transform your outdoor oasis.