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Modern Outdoor Chaises

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Tips for Finding the Right Modern Outdoor Chaise

What better way to truly enjoy the sunny weather than with a modern outdoor chaise lounge? Whether soaking up some sun out on the back patio or poolside, outdoor chaise lounges are a quick and easy way to bring laid back indoor comfort outdoors. Now, it's a matter of finding the best outdoor chaise that's not only comfortable and durable but complements your current arrangement as well.

The Frame

To each their own when it comes to mixing and matching pieces, but matching a modern outdoor chaise with an existing patio set starts with the primary material of the frame. Narrowing down the selection through frames will quickly weed out anything unnecessary within the given assortment of patio chaise lounges. With variations in material ranging between polyethylene, wicker, teak, and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, matching is made easy.

Protecting Your Investment

While considering the material of the frame, it may be worth taking into account the recommended maintenance of the frame when preserving its quality. While all outdoor pieces are built to withstand damages consistent with being left outside, not all materials will fare well without a little extra love and attention. Materials like teak are easy to care for due to its naturally high oil content that enables it to be as durable to the weather as it is, but in order to maintain its warm wood color annual oiling is required; unless if patination to a gorgeous grey is the preferred aged result, then there's absolutely no need to oil the wood.

Other materials like polyethylene and metals tend to require no maintenance at all, but it's probably worth the investment to use the piece under shaded or covered areas for locations that tend to experience extreme weather conditions (such as a blazing sun or heavy downpour) in order to keep the modern outdoor chaise lounge from fading or prematurely breaking down.

Similarly to polyethylene and metals, wicker can best preserve its quality under covered areas with occasional brushing to prevent dust build up. Being directly exposed to very hot temperatures can stiffen the wicker strands or make them too pliable, while cold and wet weather can cause the wicker to sag or develop mildew between the crevices. It's best to keep wicker pieces in spaces that are covered or to layer them with a protective covering.

Modern Outdoor Chaise Design

Every modern outdoor chaise lounge is built differently with varying capabilities and purposes through its construction. While some chaises sport a straightforward solid or slatted reclined surface, others are fixed with outdoor chaise lounge cushions and work best as an extension of a modular arrangement, just as others are recline adjustable with a built-in sling and built-in wheels. Each chaise's design allows it to be ideal for the situation it's placed in. If poolside, maybe it's best to have a seat that's mesh or has a quick drying foam core with mold resistant upholstery. If meant for patio lazing, then having a plush cushion is perfect for encouraging prolonged hangouts. Depending on its use in relation to its environment, the functioning character that makes it unique is what will be the final deciding factor for picking the perfect outdoor chaise.