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Outdoor Lighting

Learn More About Outdoor Lighting

Why Outdoor Lighting is Important

Outdoor lighting extends your living space and allows for indoor activities to take place outside well into the night. To aid with the seamless flow between spaces, modern outdoor lighting adds warmth and comfort while also maintaining a cohesive modern aesthetic for both indoor and outdoor areas. There is a wide range of outdoor lighting available from outdoor step lights to illuminate stairways, to outdoor floor lamps offering portable lighting solutions for areas like patios or decks, to landscape lighting that will illuminate any garden beautifully.

Safety and Functionality of Modern Outdoor Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting is crucial for maintaining outside areas safe and functional. As outdoor spaces may not be fully paved or on flat ground, it is important to install outdoor recessed lighting to light paths and walkways. The fixtures used for outdoor patio lighting, or any area that is directly exposed to the elements, must also be UL Listed for wet locations and made from materials that can bear exposure to sun, rain, and humidity. LED outdoor lighting offers longer lifespans and less maintenance while conserving energy at the same time, giving you an environmentally-friendly solution that is still design conscious.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Options

: For those warm summer days when the heat is almost unbearable, an outdoor ceiling fan can turn a patio or porch back into a comfortable space by increasing air circulation. Whether you choose a damp location fan for a covered outdoor location or wet listed for exposed areas, a modern outdoor ceiling fan is sure to keep your space cool.

: When looking to make a statement or add a touch of luxury to outdoor areas, outdoor chandeliers serve as great focal points. Delight guests and complement the rest of your decor while providing ambient light that keeps a large outside area well illuminated.

: Although it may not be your first thought when it comes to outdoor lighting, you can illuminate any covered outside area with an outdoor pendant light or use a plug-in pendant light in gardens to create an appealing and fun atmosphere.

: An absolute necessity for a safe and functional outdoor space, outdoor wall lights serve a variety of purposes. Used around the perimeter of a home, they can effectively illuminate an entire outdoor area. A pair of outdoor wall lights on either side of a door can help make the transition from inside to outside safer or a decorative wall light can be used to create wall art through the use of light and shadows.

: From bollards to post lights to in-ground recessed lights, outdoor landscape lighting serves to highlight natural elements in gardens or can be lined along a path to allow for safe movement through outdoor walkways. Indispensable for a well-lit yard or garden, landscape lighting can also create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

: With their minimal-profile, outdoor step lights are the perfect solution for stairways in any modern outdoor area. Depending on the design of your space, the step lights can be incorporated directly in the stairway or used on an adjacent wall. As these may be located in hard to reach spaces, LED step lights have the added convenience of a longer lifespan.

The modern outdoor lighting options available to you are endless. With a range of contemporary outdoor lights that are durable and made to withstand the elements while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic, YLighitng also offers no sales tax and free shipping on most orders. Our team of modern lighting experts will be glad to answer any questions and can help you find the perfect combination of outdoor lighting fixtures to best fit your needs at (866) 428 9289.

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