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Flushmount Outdoor Wall Lights & Sconces

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Learn More About Outdoor Wall Lights

Create a Well-Designed Space with a Flush Mount Outdoor Wall Light

Sconces or wall lights are among the most versatile fixture type that serves as both functional and fashionable lighting for both commercial and residential applications. , in particular, are a great space-saving option that is ideal for lighting outdoor spaces like pathways and entryways as well as for highlining landscaping and hardscaping features. A combination of direct and ambient lighting, flush mount outdoor wall lights are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finish options that make it easy to find a fixture that bodes well with outdoor spaces dominated by traditional, contemporary, or mid-century modern styles.

Top-Selling Outdoor Flush Mount Wall Lights

Shopping for the ideal flush mount outdoor wall light can be daunting since there are so many options to choose from. The easiest ways to make the selection process simpler is by understanding the needs of the intended installation location and the differences among the available lighting options available. Bestselling flush mount outdoor lights come in both hard-wired or plug-in styles, but hardwired fixtures are generally more practical for installation in areas that are frequently exposed to moisture and other harsh elements.

Aesthetics also take center stage when it comes to outdoor flush mount wall sconces. For exterior spaces with a rustic or industrial vibe, choose from the variety of featuring bases and backplates made of resilient materials like anodized aluminum, and stainless steel with finishes including copper, antique bronze, and chrome. Additionally, best-selling commercial fixtures also feature eco-conscious LED lamping rated to last up to 50,000, which is essential for low maintenance. There are also several shade styles to choose from that work well with various décor styles and contribute to a professionally-designed aesthetic. Choose from outdoor flush mount wall lights with mitered glass shades,

The best-selling sconces share various design features but each option brings something different to modern spaces. Aside from a plethora of indoor models, several of the top-selling wall sconces made for damp areas such as bathrooms, outdoor entryways, and patios. Several outdoor-rated wall sconces are made of durable, corrosion-resistant metal and feature finishes like distressed weathered oak with slate grey. Top outdoor flush mount sconces feature single and two-light options, opal or frosted glass diffusers, and are available in finishes like graphite, bronze, and brushed aluminum.

Other Things to Know About Flush Mount Outdoor Wall Sconces

Although the style and features of an outdoor flush mount wall sconce are important, there are a few more things to think about before making a decision. When shopping for outdoor fixtures, always consider the overall lighting needs of the intended installation space. If you plan to install flush mount wall sconce in a high traffic area, look for that supports brighter color temperatures like 3000K or 3500K to ensure that these areas have adequate, safe light levels. If you are designing a complete outdoor area and need lighting that complements the surrounding landscaping, look for flush mount fixtures that are part of a larger collection that includes , portable lantern-style lights, as well as coordinating . Always keep in mind that hardwired fixtures require the help of a qualified electrician and make sure to choose a flush mount fixture that is rated for outdoor installation to ensure safety and functionality.