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Learn More About Pendants

The Best in Modern Pendant Lighting: Iconic Pendant Designs

Spanning from mid-century modern classics like the Saucer Lamp from George Nelson to new designs from up and coming brands like Stickbulb, and even featuring innovative, cutting-edge designs from industry leaders such as Moooi and Flos, you are sure to find something to fit your needs with YLighting's wide selection of designer lighting pendant lights. With free shipping on most orders, YLighting is the only lighting store that offers the best in modern pendant lighting.

Modern & Contemporary Pendant Lights for Every Application and Setting

Although the general image of a pendant light is simple - a single light suspended from the ceiling - there are a variety of types of pendant lights that work with different applications. For a statement piece, choosing a Medium or Large Pendant Lights will bring spectacle to a space such as a living room or dining room. On the other hand, mini pendant lights are a favorite for kitchen islands beause they work well in pairs. If your home features a stairwell entryway, multi-light pendant lights provide an air of elegance while using the unique vertical space that the stairwell provides. If going for a minimalistic view, are a great choice since they are characterized by their long, slender linear beams.

There are also specialized types of pendant lights that work for common lighting systems. Track pendant lighting allows you to combine track lighting heads with pendants and lets you customize your track lighting even further. Along the same lines as track pendants, monorail pendants allows you to create curved rails for unique applications using monorail lighting, while still giving you the option of advantage of a pendant light's unique aesthetic. Cable pendants are the last unique lighting system. Unlike track or monorail, cable allows for an exceptionally minimal look by replacing the rails and tracks with cables.

Pendant Lighting for Every Style

Due to the vast amount of available styles, modern pendant light fixtures allow you to customize your space by either making a bold, design statement or perfectly complementing a room's overall decor. Kitchen pendant lighting can provide the perfect amount of style and task lighting to kitchen islands. While chandeliers are often the go-to for living room, entryway, and dining room lighting, we love using large dining room pendants or as options. We encourage the use of hanging lights in what would appear to be unorthodox places, with the proper set-up bathroom pendant light fixtures and bedroom pendant lights provide great task lighting.

How to Choose the Best Pendants?

With such a vast number of pendant lighting shapes, colors, styles, and size options it can be overwhelming choosing the perfect pendant for your space. To help you find the perfect pendant, here are a few things to consider.

  • Consider the size of the room: The size of a pendant should scale with the size of the room. Larger rooms benefit from pendants that feature large drum shades while smaller pendant lights work well in smaller spaces.

  • Ambient or task lighting: When choosing pendant lighting for an area, it is important to take note of the natural light and other lighting fixtures in the room. If the space needs ambient lighting, aim for pendant lighting with a transparent shade, exposed bulb, or abstract LED multi-bulb fixtures. For task lighting, opt for cylinder, cone, and teardrop pendant lighting fixtures for a more directed light.

  • Complementing decor or standing out: If the room has a cohesive look, turn to hanging pendant lights that align with that style. You can also choose a pendant light that stands out and serves as the focal point of the room.