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Pendant Lights

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Create a Well-Designed Space with Pendant Lighting

Elegantly hanging from the ceiling, pendant lighting is a perfect lighting solution for any room in the house. Pendant lights are designed to provide task and ambient lighting, however, the true focal point of the light fixture is the shade. Pendant light shades can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from metal to glass to fabric, come in several sizes from mini to , and boast classic shapes such as a globe or drum shape or a unique, abstract design. There are even bulb pendant lights which are void of the shade altogether, that showcase the beauty of ultimate simplicity. Due to the vast amount of available styles, modern pendant light fixtures allow you to customize your space by either making a bold, design statement or perfectly complementing a rooms overall decor.

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Pendant Lights for Every Room and Style

Drum Pendant Lights: Just like its name suggests, boasts a classic, tailored shade in the shape of a drum. From graphic and colorful to minimal and monochromatic, these pendant light fixtures are made from either fabric or metal and are available in a range of sizes. A large drum pendant light above a dining room table featuring a color that matches the rooms decor is a pleasing addition to any dining room. Whereas a colorful pendant light in a family room will provide light for family game night while enhancing the warm, playful atmosphere.

Mini Pendant Lights: are perfect for small surface spaces that need additional task lighting. Several colorful, glass mini pendant lights lined above a kitchen counter or island are perfect for adding the extra light that is needed for cooking while adding a slight pop of color. A mini pendant light is also a stylish, modern addition to any bedside. Simply suspend a small light fixture above a bedside table to provide the desired task lighting while also keeping the table top free for other things such as a glass of water or books.

LED Pendant Lights: Modern pendant lights are now available in shapes and sizes that were not possible before thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. From creative shapes with multiple points of light to ultra slim profiles, these modern will either be the focal point of a space or seamlessly blend with the architecture of a room. Besides providing an opportunity to create innovative and modern designs, LEDs are an environmentally-friendly light source as they are energy-efficient.

Multi-Light Pendant Lights: Sometimes a single pendant light just will not do. For these occasions, implementing a multi-light pendant light design to your room is the logical alternative. Both dramatic and elegant, blur the line of art and function even further than the typical designer pendant light.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting: Adding pendant lighting to a patio, balcony, or outdoor kitchen is a simple way to make a grand statement. To combat the moisture of the great outdoors, need to be either UL listed damp or UL listed wet. For locations that are well-covered, UL listed damp pendants will suffice, but for locations that will endure direct moisture (such as in the case of rain), make sure to choose UL listed wet pendant lights.

Linear Suspension Lights: Not every pendant needs to be round or circular to create a modern look to your home. are another alternative that provide functional lighting in a stylish, contemporary aesthetic. Distinguished by their long lines and flat beams, linear pendant lights are a designer’s choice for workspace and .

Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lights: Enthralled by the designs of mid-century modern from designers such as George Nelson and Louis Poulsen? Then shop among only options to add this timeless element to your home.

The Best in Modern Pendant Lighting

Spanning from mid-century modern classics like the from George Nelson to new designs from up and coming brands like Stickbulb, and even featuring innovative, cutting-edge designs from industry leaders such as Moooi and Flos, you are sure to find something to fit your needs with YLighting's wide selection of designer lighting pendant lights. With free shipping on most orders and no sales tax, YLighting offers the best in modern pendant lighting.

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