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Gold Hanging Lights and Pendant Lights

If there is any finish that denotes themes of elegance and luxury, it is gold. Ancient in the tradition of being applied as a décor finish, gold never ceases to amaze and enthrall. With gold pendant lights, you can add the color and gleam of this tradition while illuminating your home to create the ambience, accent lighting or task lighting that you need.

Pairing Gold Pendant Lights With Your Decor

Successfully incorporating gold into your home shouldn’t take very much effort. The reason is, a little gold goes a long way and too much gold can quickly become gaudy. It’s because of these reasons that make gold pendant lights an excellent vehicle for adding gold into the home. With a pendant or hanging light, you can easily add accents of gold throughout the home without worrying about overshadowing the color of your room as might happen with a larger piece of decor such as a floor lamp or dresser.

Considering how warm and cold your room’s coloring is will be an important part of finding the right gold pendant light fixtures to suit your room. Lighter, metallic golds create a warmer accent and combine well with warm hues such as reds and yellows. In these cases, gold plays a blending role as opposed to one of contrast, so that if you desire to incorporate a larger presence of gold, this is the way to do it without overpowering your other colors. However, if paired with purple or navy, a little gold will pop and easily garner attention. In these cases, gold is best left as a small accent.

Popular Modern Golden Pendant Shapes

Foscarini’s Spokes is a popular gold globe pendant light due to an innovative form comparable to falling water. Its yellow gold finish atop its varnished steel frame makes this pendant a more powerful piece for including gold into your home’s design.

The from Cerno is a great example of a gold dome pendant light with a rustic behind it. This pendant light is comprised of a large rose gold shade and hanging from a single cable attached to three wooden arms.

Other Pendant Lighting Options

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