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Modern Pitchers + Carafes

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Modern Pitchers for the Modern Home

The very idea of a pitcher connotes community. The act of using a modern decanter implies that the beverage contained within will be shared, and by extension, the imbibing of that beverage becomes a social activity. For the modern host or hostess, this becomes an opportunity to create a social gathering of refinement and distinction. Serving water, the most basic of beverages, in a modern water pitcher that offers a combination of both form and function, insist on the sophistication of any gathering.

Modern Pitcher vs. Modern Decanter

What's the difference between a pitcher and a decanter? Now there's the million-dollar question. Pitchers are generally built larger and sturdier, generally used for water and other non-alcoholic beverages. There are of course exceptions to this as pitchers are often used for beer and sangria.

Decanters, on the other hand, are used almost exclusively for alcoholic beverages and the purpose can vary quite a bit. A modern whiskey decanter is almost purely decorative, for those who want to be able to view the golden contents and add a bit of elegant flair. Moreover, whiskey decanters have stoppers and are intended for long-term storage of beverages.A modern wine decanter, on the other hand, serves a much more practical purpose, allowing the wine to oxidize, letting it breathe, thereby enhancing the flavor. A modern carafe or wine decanter will often not come with a stopper as long-term storage is not its intention. Instead, the wine should be enjoyed immediately as any good wine should after being uncorked.

For Your Consideration

There are several things one must take into account before purchasing a modern pitcher or decanter. Identifying what the primary usage will be for instance can help to determine the style and material one chooses. Modern glass pitchers are the most bountiful offering available at YLighting, though we also have offerings in stainless steel or beautiful brass pitchers from brands like .

If it's simplicity and sturdiness you seek, Simon Pearce's extensive history-making beautiful and functional glass vessels is a great place to start. On the other side of the coin, a modern decanter set from Los Angeles-based Joe Cariati takes glass blowing and elevates it to the realm of fine art, with vivid colors and designs inspired by mid-century icons.

At YLighting we have a large variety of modern pitchers and decanters for water, wine, whiskey, and virtually every other use imaginable. YLighting offers the as well as free shipping on most orders. For any questions about creating your ideal modern dining experience, we have a team ready to help at (800) 236-9100.