• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

The Drop Hat Lamp Shade was designed by HULGER in 2015. Simply a sleek metal disc, the Drop Hat Lamp Shade is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of a bare bulb alongside a refined and effortless shade. Perfectly proportioned for Plumen light bulbs, this modern shade creates stunning reflections and colored glows of light that add to the ambience of any space. The Drop Hat adds a unique detail as a solo fixture, but when used it groups creates a striking architectural arrangement.

The Drop Hat Lamp Shade is designed to be used in combination with any screw fitting Plumen bulb and any color of the Drop Cap Pendant Light Cord.

  • 12.3"D X .6"H
Item Number
1307050101 1307051101 1307051601 1307051501 1307051301