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New Construction Housings

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Create A Well-Designed Space With New Construction Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is among the most loved lighting types thanks to its unobtrusive nature that beautifully lights spaces without taking up much space. Recessed lighting is commonly installed in ceilings and is an easy way to illuminate spaces with ambient lighting. Most recessed lighting fixtures are designed for use in decorative lighting applications such as highlighting wall art or Illuminating dark areas like alcoves and corridors. So make the most of recessed lighting in new construction there are a few things to be mindful of.

Choosing New Construction Recessed Lighting

Among the most flexible types of lighting, recessed light fixtures are easiest to install during new construction though retrofit kits are also available for upgrading existing lighting. For new construction, the design possibilities are nearly limitless because you can essentially design your recessed lighting layout any way you want before construction begins. Learning the basics of recessed lighting installation during new construction is the key to the ideal lighting configuration in both residential and commercial spaces.

Understanding the various components associated with is critical. a complete recessed lighting kit includes a housing, trim, and interior reflector. These components are designed to work with each other, so always ensure that the housing and trim sizes match. Typical trim sizes include 3-inch and 4-inch and are available in square or circle versions. The housing is arguably the most important component of a recessed lighting kit since it holds everything that makes the fixture function properly. Housings include LED bulbs are modules as well as necessary mounting hardware. The trim adds aesthetic value to the recessed light fixture and serves the purpose of strategically concealing electrical parts and common trim types include and . Not all recessed lighting kits are designed to be used with a trim, as trimless or flangeless recessed lighting serves the purpose of seamlessly blending with the surrounding ceiling or wall for a low profile look.

New construction or renovations need specific recessed lighting kits designed for installation on unfinished surfaces. These kits make it easy to install pre-construction, avoiding the issues that come with modifying existing walls or ceilings. During new construction, make sure that you have the specific details of the intended space. There are special rules that apply to sloped or vaulted ceilings and for these applications, adjustable trims are recommended. Additionally, for non-traditional ceiling heights, it is a good idea to choose dimmer-compatible recessed light to facilitate easy control from a distance.

A Large Selection Of New Construction Recessed Lighting

Best-selling fixtures in the new construction recessed lighting category includes a variety of common features that provide cost savings, aesthetic value, and convenience. Popular models include Energy Star qualified recessed fixtures that feature trimless downlights and dimmable LED modules. Other top-selling includes ETL Listed Wet and Damp fixtures that are perfect for installation in bathrooms or any other area that is frequently exposed to moisture. Many of the best-selling models include are made of durable materials such as 20-gauge steel and feature replaceable LEDs for worry-free maintenance. Finish options range from neutrals like matte black and white to transparent or paintable trims that easily coordinate with other fixtures and decor.