Shop for Lighting by Room


Lighting has the ability to make a room. From a kitchen to a bedroom to a bathroom to an outdoor space, the correct lighting is needed to use each room as well as make a space feel inviting. Looking to make a statement with your dining room lighting but still want functional ambient light? Consider a large modern pendant light or unique chandelier for above your dining room table. Or perhaps the kitchen is the heart of your home and you're looking for a combination of ambient and task lighting. Simply pair recessed lights with undercabinet lights to create a well illuminated space for cooking and entertaining. When getting ready every morning and winding down for bed every night, great bathroom lighting is needed. Wall sconces and vanity lights mounted next to mirrors are perfect for providing task lighting, while flush-mount ceiling lights provide general light for the whole room. When picking living room lighting, consider if you want a decorative ceiling light, a colorful table lamp next to your favorite lounge chair, or a modern floor lamp situated nicely behind a sofa. No matter the room, at YLighting we offer a wide assortment of modern lights that will help meet your design and lighting needs.