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Modern Rugs

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Why Use Modern Rugs

Modern area rugs are a wonderful way to add softness and warmth to a room. Modern contemporary rugs can also be used to tie your color scheme together, add color and pattern to a room design, define areas within a large space and anchor your furniture in the room.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Modern Rug

Placement - There are several ways to arrange your furniture around a modern living room rug. The most common layout is to select a rug large enough that you can place the front legs of any chairs, sofas and side tables on top of the rug. This provides a nice sense of proportion while tying the pieces together.

Another common option is to purchase a rug large enough that all four legs for each piece of furniture will fit on the rug. Placing all the furniture on the rug creates a strong connected feeling in the room.

This placement is also the ideal choice for modern bedroom rugs. In order for the rug to look balanced underneath the bed, it should extend around the perimeter of the bed a minimum of 18 inches for a king or queen bed and 12 inches for a full or twin bed.

However, if you are placing a dining room rug, the dining table is placed in the center with the rug extending out 24 inches on all sides. This allows all the dining room chairs to remain completely on the rug even when in use which makes maneuvering the chairs easier. These same placement rules apply to the placement of outdoor area rugs as well.

Shape - Modern area rugs are available in many shapes and sizes. From traditional rectangular rugs to square rugs and round rugs to irregularly shaped rugs, you can find just the right rug for your space. When selecting the right shape you'll want to consider your furniture and space. For example, a round rug is a nice complement to a round coffee table or dining table, but requires more space for placement. Round rugs or irregularly shaped rugs also do well in a nursery or kids' room.

Selecting the Right Style, Material, and Pile

When deciding on the material and pile of your rug, the most important consideration is the foot traffic of the room and whether you have children or pets.

Wool - The most common choice for area rugs. Modern wool rugs offer durability, softness, and insulating properties. These rugs are great for high-traffic areas, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Silk - Silk area rugs offer softness and a subtle sheen that is sure to please. Providing finer details than a wool rug, modern silk rugs are best for bedrooms and low traffic areas.

Cotton - Cotton is popular for weaving dhurrie, kililm, and flat-weave area rugs. Cotton rugs are affordable, easy to clean, and work great in kitchens, children's rooms and casual spaces.

Sisal, Jute, Sea Grass - The natural grasses and fibers used for these unique rugs are strong and generally renewable and chemical free. Due to their course nature, these natural area rugs are most suited for living rooms, high traffic areas, and sunny spaces.

Animal Skins - These types of leather rugs run anywhere from standard shapes to the irregular shapes you find with a natural hide. Leather and hide area rugs look great in bedrooms, offices, dens and low-traffic areas.

Synthetics - Synthetic fiber rugs are woven using man-made fibers and handle damp environments better than most rugs. Some synthetic fiber rugs can even be used outdoors depending on the material. They are also great for high-traffic areas and sunny rooms.

Outdoor Rugs - Modern outdoor rugs offer vibrant colors and patterns but they're not as plush and soft as indoor area rugs. The most important consideration for selecting a modern outdoor rug is the ability to handle wet conditions and drainage.

Essentially art for your floor, modern areas rugs transform your home by adding warmth, comfort, color and personality to the home. Modern and contemporary area rugs are a great addition to urban homes due to the sound dampening qualities they inherently provide as well. Whether updating the living room, dining room or outdoor space, YLighting's assortment of from designers Nanimarquina, GAN Rugs, Safavieh, and Nourison will provide a variety of unique options that reflect your personal sense of style. For any questions about our modern indoor and outdoor area rugs, we have a team of design experts that are ready and waiting to help.

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