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The Chantal Pendant Light is a visually stunning light fixture showcasing a unique, honeycomb-like texture. Made from a combination of SLAMP's patented materials Cristalflex® and Lentiflex®, this modern pendant light is suspended from a canopy by a single cord and is available in several vibrant colors. Housed within the center column is the LED light source, which when illuminated, casts diffused light outward in all directions. This decorative pendant light is perfect for providing diffused, ambient light in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living room spaces.

Cristalflex®: Brilliant like glass, but versatile and durable as only modern materials can be, this transparent material was developed and produced by Bayer Vivak®. This polycarbonate material is lightweight, visually appealing, and makes lamps easy to assemble.
Lentiflex®: Polycarbonate material made using a particular manufacturing technique that makes the surface "multifaceted", as if it were formed form many little prisms.

  • Small: 14.25"D X 24"H
  • Medium: 19.75"D X 33.5"H
  • Large: 26.25"D X 45.25"H
  • Cord: 55"L
Lamp Type
  • Small: 1 X 40W 120V LED module, 4000 lumens, 2700K, 80 CRI (included)
  • Medium: 1 X 80W 120V LED module, 8000 lumens, 2700K, 80 CRI (included)
  • Large: 1 X 120W 120V LED module, 12000 lumens, 2700K, 80 CRI (included)
Item Number
CHN88SOS0003W_000 CHN88SOS0003A_000 CHN88SOS0003B_000 CHN88SOS0002W_000 CHN88SOS0002A_000 CHN88SOS0002B_000 CHN88SOS0001W_000 CHN88SOS0001A_000 CHN88SOS0001B_000