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Made by Smart & Green.

Charge any compatible Smart & Green light outdoors with the SunLite Solar Charger. Entirely eco-efficient, this photovolataic solar panel will increase the autonomy of your favorite light up until the sun goes down. Using the compass at the back, position the solar panel towards the south, and then connect the cable to the light. For optimum uses, regularly clean the solar panel and the connectors using a soft, damp cloth.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with Bulb lights
  • Integrated compass and foot to guide the panel
  • IP56 (withstands water spray)
  • Contains solar photovoltaic panel
  • 45° folding mounting base
  • Includes connection cable and socket
  • Optimal charge time depends on the amount of sunlight:
    • Summer - 1 day
    • Winter - 2 days
  • Equipped with power pack - an integrated battery that gives 4 additional hours of use if you forget to charge your light

  • 5"L X 4:W X .5"H
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