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Modern Standing + Adjustable Desks

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16 Results
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Learn More About Standing + Adjustable Desks

Create Your Perfect Office Space with a Modern Standing Desk

The modern office is all about customizing the space to fit the 21st-century lifestyle. A modern standing desk is a perfect solution for the contemporary office because it allows you to truly personalize the office experience and the look and feel of the space. Gone are the days of a plain jane desk that is heavy and bulky. An adjustable standing desk allows you to adapt your workspace to create the ideal office.

Similar to modular desks, ergonomic standing desks allow you to adapt your working environment to suit your needs. With an adjustable height desk, you are not locked into one position for hours on end, but you can change the position of the desk on demand. This modern desk can be raised into a standing position when you want to be more active and lowered back to a sitting position with ease.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Standing Desk

An ergonomic adjustable desk truly fits in with the contemporary lifestyle since it prioritizes health, productivity, and comfort. Sitting hunched over a keyboard for hours on end each day can cause a multitude of health problems, including back pain, arthritis, and poor circulation. An ergonomic standing desk can help increase activity, relieve back pain, and burn more calories. Decreasing the time spent sitting and increasing standing and walking around has a range of health benefits, including losing weight, lowering blood sugar levels, and lowering the risk of heart disease.

All of these advantages can improve your mental well-being, too, since decreasing sedentary time may help improve your mood by helping you feel happier and healthier. The modern adjustable standing desk helps create a work environment that is more productive. Getting into the habit of alternating between sitting and standing at a modern office standing desk can increase your energy and concentration. You can get all of these benefits from a modern office standing desk without sacrificing on comfort either, since it can easily be adjusted from a standing position, back to sitting in your comfortable office chair.

Favorite Modern Adjustable Desk Colors & Finishes

Mid-century modern standing desks are very popular since they are built with 21st-century values and 1950s style. These desks are known for their geometric silhouettes, clean lines, and sharp angles. Mid-century modern standing desks are commonly seen in dark finishes such as walnut.

Black or white are the most common colors for contemporary ergonomic standing desks since they can match almost any interior design. Lighter finishes such as ash are ideal if you want to brighten up the space, while darker finishes will add a sense of formality to the space. Either way, get matching office accessories to personalize your decoration.

Top Standing Desk Brands

BDI is one the leading designers of ergonomic standing desks with a wide array of innovation selections, including a model that can be digitally adjusted at the push of a button.

Herman Miller is one of the best-selling brands for ergonomic office furniture, including adjustable standing desks, that values simple designs with modern style and comfort.

Copeland Furniture is one of the biggest names in office furniture, offering a line of beautiful modern standing desks that are made from sustainable, natural hardwoods.