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Modern Table Clocks + Floor Clocks

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Modern Table Clocks

Nowadays, smartphones and high-tech devices are the most popular methods for checking the time. In addition, we often have digital clocks available in our cars, on our microwaves, and even our smartwatches. One might think with all these timekeeping gadgets around, there's no need for a modern table clock, but nothing could be further from the truth. Table clocks not only keep time, they also serve as stylish home decor accent pieces that add character and whimsy to any room.

are available in all shapes, sizes, and finishes and clock lovers have an abundance of beautiful desk clocks to choose from. Whether you choose to keep an analog clock on your desk, table, or wall, there's no denying how much clocks can brighten up your home.

Digital vs. Analog Table Clocks

On the surface, there is little difference between digital and analog table clocks, but each has its own set of pros and cons. The modern table clock you choose for your home will usually be based on personal preference and the overall theme or color scheme of your room, but understanding the differences will make choosing a table clock much easier.

There was a time when analog clocks were the only available option and those who'd like to keep a traditional feel in their space are more likely to select an analog clock. Analog clocks are usually made with high-quality internal movement so they usually last for many years and are less likely to malfunction. However, analog clocks are not easily read by everyone and they often lack the multifunctional features of high-tech digital clocks.

Digital clocks, on the other hand, have a variety of advantages over analog clocks. The main selling point for digital clocks is their high level of accuracy. They can often be set to the exact second, making it easier to keep track of time, be on time, keep track of time-sensitive activities, such as cooking a meal. Another selling point of digital clocks is the level of versatility they offer. Many of them function as a timer, stopwatch, or . One drawback of digital clocks is that they seem impersonal and add less character to a room.

Modern Table Clock Options

An updated rendition of George Nelsons 1954 design, the is a stunning table clock that is sure to spark conversation. Featuring a conical shape and a sleek metallic housing, the Cone Clock is supported by a wire metal base, has bright white hour and minute hands and dots that serve as the numbers, all set against a contrasting black background. The whimsical Cone Clock is battery operated.

The ultimate user-friendly clock, the Brick Desk/Wall Clock can be wall mounted or used as a modern mantel/table clock. LFFF Amsterdams Brick Desk/Wall Clock is a mid-century modern-style table clock with large numbers and a silent timekeeping mechanism. Available in either stainless steel/white or copper/black, the brings the fun back into table clocks with a classic design reminiscent of days gone by.

The is another modern table clock that takes cues from popular mid-century design. Thanks to its elegant finish, the Tube Clock would make a beautiful addition to your home and could even serve as a mid-century modern desk clock at the office. Hand assembled and featuring Japanese quartz movement, The Tube Clock is a timepiece of exceptional quality that will compliment any room.

A Huge Selection of Modern Clocks and Desk Clocks

YLighting has a vast selection of both large and small modern table clocks sure to compliment the decor in any home or office. From to , YLighting has exactly what you've been searching for.