• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Aero offers dozens of design possibilities. Accessories in myriad styles and colors allow you to create the ideal custom element. Accessories are required and sold separately. Aero's head rotates 360°, pivots 260° to direct the beam. Removable glass handle. Choose from multiple stem lengths in satin nickel finish.

Pendant socket terminates in a FreeJack male connector which is compatible with TECH Lighting monorail systems or can be suspended from the ceiling with a compatible FreeJack canopy. Choose from the following options:

  • FJ - FreeJack: pendant socket terminates with male connector for use with existing FreeJack canopy
  • MO - MonoRail: pendant socket terminates with a monorail connector for use with existing Tech Lighting monorail systems
  • WMO - Wall MonoRail: pendant socket terminates with a monorail connector for use with existing Tech Lighting wall monorail systems.
  • Head: 4"L
  • Stem Lengths: 3", 6", 12", 18" or 24"
Lamp Type
1 X 50W max low-voltage MR16 lamp (not included); actual maximum wattage is determined by chosen accessory.
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700MOAE3Z 700MOAE3C 700MOAE3G 700MOAE3S 700MOAE6Z 700MOAE6C 700MOAE6G 700MOAE6S 700MOAE12Z 700MOAE12C 700MOAE12G 700MOAE12S 700MOAE18Z 700MOAE18C 700MOAE18G 700MOAE18S 700FJAE3Z 700FJAE3C 700FJAE3G 700FJAE3S 700FJAE6Z 700FJAE6C 700FJAE6G 700FJAE6S 700FJAE12Z 700FJAE12C 700FJAE12G 700FJAE12S 700FJAE18Z 700FJAE18C 700FJAE18G 700FJAE18S 700MO2AE3Z 700MO2AE3C 700MO2AE3G 700MO2AE3S 700MO2AE6Z 700MO2AE6C 700MO2AE6G 700MO2AE6S 700MO2AE12Z 700MO2AE12C 700MO2AE12G 700MO2AE12S 700MO2AE18Z 700MO2AE18C 700MO2AE18G 700MO2AE18S 700WMOAE3Z 700WMOAE3C 700WMOAE3G 700WMOAE3S 700WMOAE6Z 700WMOAE6C 700WMOAE6G 700WMOAE6S 700WMOAE12Z 700WMOAE12C 700WMOAE12G 700WMOAE12S 700WMOAE18Z 700WMOAE18C 700WMOAE18G 700WMOAE18S 700TWAE3C 700TWAE6C 700TWAE12C 700TWAE18C