• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Cube is a classic and clean geometric shape made of pressed glass. Provides direct and diffused illumination. Includes six feet of field-cuttable suspension cable.

Pendant socket terminates in a FreeJack male connector which is compatible with TECH Lighting monorail systems or can be suspended from the ceiling with a compatible FreeJack canopy. Choose from the following options:

  • FJ - FreeJack: pendant socket terminates with male connector for use with existing FreeJack canopy
  • MO - MonoRail: pendant socket terminates with a monorail connector for use with existing Tech Lighting monorail systems
  • MP - Monopoint: pendant socket terminates with male connector and ships with 4" flush free jack canopy
  • KL - Kable Lite: Includes a connector for use with Tech Lighting's Kable Lite system (not available in antique bronze finish)

  • 2.6"Square X 3.1"H; 72" or 192" over all height
Lamp Type
1 X 35W 12V or 24V bi-pin base halogen lamp (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700FJCUBAC-16 700FJCUBAC-24-16 700FJCUBAS-24-16 700FJCUBAZ-24-16 700FJCUBFC-24-16 700FJCUBFS-24-16 700FJCUBFZ-24-16 700MOCUBAC-16 700MOCUBAC-24-16 700MOCUBAS-16 700MOCUBAS-24-16 700MOCUBAZ-16 700MOCUBAZ-24-16 700MOCUBFC-16 700MOCUBFC-24-16 700MOCUBFS-24-16 700MOCUBFZ-16 700MOCUBFZ-24-16 700KLCUBAC-16 700KLCUBAC-24-16 700KLCUBAS-16 700KLCUBAS-24-16 700KLCUBAZ 700KLCUBAZ-16 700KLCUBAZ-24 700KLCUBAZ-24-16 700KLCUBFC-16 700KLCUBFC-24-16 700KLCUBFS-24-16 700KLCUBFZ 700KLCUBFZ-16 700KLCUBFZ-24 700KLCUBFZ-24-16 700MO2CUBAC-16 700MO2CUBAC-24 700MO2CUBAC-24-16 700MO2CUBAS-16 700MO2CUBAS-24 700MO2CUBAS-24-16 700MO2CUBAZ-16 700MO2CUBAZ-24 700MO2CUBAZ-24-16 700MO2CUBFC-16 700MO2CUBFC-24 700MO2CUBFC-24-16 700MO2CUBFS-16 700MO2CUBFS-24 700MO2CUBFS-24-16 700MO2CUBFZ-16 700MO2CUBFZ-24 700MO2CUBFZ-24-16 700MPCUBAC-16 700MPCUBAC-24 700MPCUBAC-24-16 700MPCUBAS-16 700MPCUBAS-24-16 700MPCUBAZ-24 700MPCUBAZ-24-16 700MPCUBFC-16 700MPCUBFC-24-16 700MPCUBFS-16 700MPCUBFZ-24 700MPCUBFZ-24-16 700FJCUBFC 700FJCUBFC-24 700FJCUBFS 700FJCUBFS-24 700FJCUBFZ 700FJCUBFZ-24 700MOCUBFC 700MOCUBFC-24 700MOCUBFS 700MOCUBFS-24 700MOCUBFZ 700MOCUBFZ-24 700MO2CUBFC 700MO2CUBFS 700MO2CUBFZ 700MPCUBFC 700MPCUBFC-24 700MPCUBFS 700MPCUBFS-24 700MPCUBFZ 700FJCUBFC-16 700FJCUBFS-16 700FJCUBFZ-16 700MOCUBFS-16 700MPCUBFS-24-16 700MPCUBFZ-16 700FJCUBAC 700FJCUBAC-24 700FJCUBAS 700FJCUBAS-16 700FJCUBAS-24 700FJCUBAZ 700FJCUBAZ-16 700FJCUBAZ-24 700MOCUBAC 700MOCUBAC-24 700MOCUBAS 700MOCUBAS-24 700MOCUBAZ 700MOCUBAZ-24 700MO2CUBAC 700MO2CUBAS 700MO2CUBAZ 700MPCUBAC 700MPCUBAS 700MPCUBAS-24 700MPCUBAZ 700MPCUBAZ-16 700KLCUBAC 700KLCUBAC-24 700KLCUBAS 700KLCUBAS-24 700KLCUBFC 700KLCUBFC-24 700KLCUBFS 700KLCUBFS-16 700KLCUBFS-24