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The debuzzing dimming coil is an option to consider when using a magnetic transformer with a low-voltage magnetic dimmer. The dimmer may cause a buzzing or humming sound from the transformer or the lamps, which may be objectionable in some applications. The dimming coil does not dim the system; it functions only to reduce the noise from the transformer or lamps. Dimming coils are available for magnetic remote and surface transformers. Because the remote transformer will most likely be installed in a remote location, it should not need a debuzzing dimming coil. However, for occasions when the remote transformer is installed close to a living area, a dimming coil is available separately. The dimming coil fits inside the transformer housing. All magnetic surface transformers include a preinstalled dimming coil. (See individual system surface transformers for additional information and dimensions.) The dimming coil may also be purchased separately and added to existing transformers.

  • 150 Watt: 1.75"D X .75"H
  • 300 Watt: 2.25"D X 1"H
  • 600 Watt: 4.25"D X 1"H
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700DIM150 700DIM300 700DIM600