• Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

Minimal head pivots vertically 180 degrees, rotates horizontally 350 degrees. Features horizontal locking mechanisms. Satin nickel or white finish. Lamp type selection will determine size of the head.
  • PAR16 (not including lamp): 1.5"D X 1.8"L
  • PAR20 (not including lamp): 2"D X 2.9"L
  • PAR30 (not including lamp): 2"D X 2.6"L
  • PAR38 (not including lamp): 2"D X 3.2"L
Lamp Type
  • PAR16: 1 X 50W 120V GU10 base PAR16 lamp (not included)
  • PAR20: 1 X 50W 120V E26 (medium base) PAR20 lamp (not included)
  • PAR30: 1 X 75W 120V E26 (medium base) PAR30 lamp (not included)
  • PAR38: 1 X 120W 120V E26 (medium base) PAR38 lamp (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700PJTWS1603S 700PJTWS1603W 700PJTWS1606S 700PJTWS1606W 700PJTWS1612S 700PJTWS1612W 700PJTWS1618S 700PJTWS1618W 700PJTWS2003S 700PJTWS2003W 700PJTWS2006S 700PJTWS2006W 700PJTWS2012S 700PJTWS2012W 700PJTWS2018S 700PJTWS2018W 700PJTWS3003S 700PJTWS3003W 700PJTWS3006S 700PJTWS3006W 700PJTWS3012S 700PJTWS3012W 700PJTWS3018S 700PJTWS3018W 700PJTWS3803S 700PJTWS3803W 700PJTWS3806S 700PJTWS3806W 700PJTWS3812S 700PJTWS3812W 700PJTWS3818S 700PJTWS3818W 700TT2TWS1603S 700TT2TWS1603W 700TT2TWS1606S 700TT2TWS1606W 700TT2TWS1612S 700TT2TWS1612W 700TT2TWS1618S 700TT2TWS1618W 700TT2TWS2003S 700TT2TWS2003W 700TT2TWS2006S 700TT2TWS2006W 700TT2TWS2012S 700TT2TWS2012W 700TT2TWS2018S 700TT2TWS2018W 700TT2TWS3003S 700TT2TWS3003W 700TT2TWS3006S 700TT2TWS3006W 700TT2TWS3012S 700TT2TWS3012W 700TT2TWS3018S 700TT2TWS3018W 700TT2TWS3803S 700TT2TWS3803W 700TT2TWS3806S 700TT2TWS3806W 700TT2TWS3812S 700TT2TWS3812W 700TT2TWS3818S 700TT2TWS3818W 700TTTWS1603S 700TTTWS1603W 700TTTWS1606S 700TTTWS1606W 700TTTWS1612S 700TTTWS1612W 700TTTWS1618S 700TTTWS1618W 700TTTWS2003S 700TTTWS2003W 700TTTWS2006S 700TTTWS2006W 700TTTWS2012S 700TTTWS2012W 700TTTWS2018S 700TTTWS2018W 700TTTWS3003S 700TTTWS3003W 700TTTWS3006S 700TTTWS3006W 700TTTWS3012S 700TTTWS3012W 700TTTWS3018S 700TTTWS3018W 700TTTWS3803S 700TTTWS3803W 700TTTWS3806S 700TTTWS3806W 700TTTWS3812S 700TTTWS3812W 700TTTWS3818S 700TTTWS3818W