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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Made in USA
  • Ships to Canada

This modern drum shade is elevated to a richer, warmer dimension with a sophisticated combination of fabric and wood. The bands of wood trim are spline-joined around the circumference of the shade - a delicate feat of quality craftsmanship. The rigid stem is available in antique bronze, polished nickel or satin nickel and completes the look. Includes four 120 volt, 75 watt medium base A19 lamps or four 26 watt GX24Q3 base triple tube compact fluorescent lamps (electronic ballast included). May also be lamped with GX24Q3 base 32 watt triple tube compact fluorescent lamps (not included). Incandescent version dimmable with standard incandescent dimmer.
  • 20"D X 8"H; 24", 36" or 48" overall heights
metal, fabric, wood
Lamp Type
Incandescent: 4 X 75W 120V E26 (Medium base) A19 incandescent (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
700TPO24WMN 700TPO24WMN-CF 700TPO24WMN-CF277 700TPO24WMS 700TPO24WMS-CF 700TPO24WMS-CF277 700TPO24WMZ 700TPO24WMZ-CF 700TPO24WMZ-CF277 700TPO24WWN 700TPO24WWN-CF 700TPO24WWN-CF277 700TPO24WWS 700TPO24WWS-CF 700TPO24WWS-CF277 700TPO24WWZ 700TPO24WWZ-CF 700TPO24WWZ-CF277 700TPO24YMN 700TPO24YMN-CF 700TPO24YMN-CF277 700TPO24YMS 700TPO24YMS-CF 700TPO24YMS-CF277 700TPO24YMZ 700TPO24YMZ-CF 700TPO24YMZ-CF277 700TPO24YWN 700TPO24YWN-CF 700TPO24YWN-CF277 700TPO24YWS 700TPO24YWS-CF 700TPO24YWS-CF277 700TPO24YWZ 700TPO24YWZ-CF 700TPO24YWZ-CF277 700TPO36WMN 700TPO36WMN-CF 700TPO36WMN-CF277 700TPO36WMS 700TPO36WMS-CF 700TPO36WMS-CF277 700TPO36WMZ 700TPO36WMZ-CF 700TPO36WMZ-CF277 700TPO36WWN 700TPO36WWN-CF 700TPO36WWN-CF277 700TPO36WWS 700TPO36WWS-CF 700TPO36WWS-CF277 700TPO36WWZ 700TPO36WWZ-CF 700TPO36WWZ-CF277 700TPO36YMN 700TPO36YMN-CF 700TPO36YMN-CF277 700TPO36YMS 700TPO36YMS-CF 700TPO36YMS-CF277 700TPO36YMZ 700TPO36YMZ-CF 700TPO36YMZ-CF277 700TPO36YWN 700TPO36YWN-CF 700TPO36YWN-CF277 700TPO36YWS 700TPO36YWS-CF 700TPO36YWS-CF277 700TPO36YWZ 700TPO36YWZ-CF 700TPO36YWZ-CF277 700TPO48WMN 700TPO48WMN-CF 700TPO48WMN-CF277 700TPO48WMS 700TPO48WMS-CF 700TPO48WMS-CF277 700TPO48WMZ 700TPO48WMZ-CF 700TPO48WMZ-CF277 700TPO48WWN 700TPO48WWN-CF 700TPO48WWN-CF277 700TPO48WWS 700TPO48WWS-CF 700TPO48WWS-CF277 700TPO48WWZ 700TPO48WWZ-CF 700TPO48WWZ-CF277 700TPO48YMN 700TPO48YMN-CF 700TPO48YMN-CF277 700TPO48YMS 700TPO48YMS-CF 700TPO48YMS-CF277 700TPO48YMZ 700TPO48YMZ-CF 700TPO48YMZ-CF277 700TPO48YWN 700TPO48YWN-CF 700TPO48YWN-CF277 700TPO48YWS 700TPO48YWS-CF 700TPO48YWS-CF277 700TPO48YWZ 700TPO48YWZ-CF 700TPO48YWZ-CF277