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Modern Throws + Blankets

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Modern Throw Blankets

Modern throw blankets are an easy way to add warmth and depth to your or design. Whether they are draped across a piece of furniture or folded nice and neat, throw blankets unite the design of your room through color and texture.

Selecting Modern Throw Blankets

There are many ways to accent your room using a throw blanket and color, texture and weight play an important role.

Color - First select a color that will tie your room colors together. If your design is bold and bright, a neutral color will unify this design nicely. If your room design is more calm and neutral, a brightly colored throw blanket is the perfect opportunity to add a punch of color. You can also coordinate the color of your blanket with the accent pillows on the sofa or bed for an elegant look.

Texture - The next choice involves texture and thickness. If you just want to add some color and style, then a lightweight blanket is a great option. The thinner fabric allows you to add color and is perfect for bright and casual designs. It is also easy to fold and is the best choice for a neat and tidy look.

A thick and chunky throw blanket not only provides color but brings in texture as well. These blankets tend to be made from heavier materials and are perfect for curling up on the sofa on a cold night. Due to their bulky size, draping is the preferred method over folding.

Faux furs are an indulgent addition to any room. These blankets offer warmth, texture, and color while adding a sophisticated touch. Like thick and chunky blankets, faux fur works best when it's draped as opposed to folded.

Styling Modern Throw Blankets

There are many ways to add a modern throw blanket to your living room or bedroom design. From neat and tidy to a casual drape, throw blankets are more versatile than one might think.

In the Living Room

Neatly folding a throw blanket and placing it on the back of the sofa or the foot of a chaise creates an inviting look. This technique works best for solid back sofas that do not have a lot of loose cushions so the blanket will lay flat. Another popular option is to fold the blanket neatly and lay it across the armrest of a sofa or chair. If you have pets that like to lounge on your furniture, placing a folded throw blanket across the seat cushions are a great way to keep hair off the furniture and they can easily be refreshed with a quick cycle through the washing machine.

The most popular technique for styling a throw blanket in the living room is draping. Whether you are draping it across the corner of the chair, sofa or chaise, this style provides a casual feel and is a great styling option for blankets with fringe or tassels.

In the Bedroom

The most common method of styling a throw blanket in the bedroom is to fold it neatly and place it at the foot of the bed. However, that is not the only way to use a throw blanket in the bedroom. If you have a modern upholstered headboard, you can neatly fold the blanket and place it vertically across the center of the headboard to add more texture and color while refreshing the overall look of the bedroom.

Modern Throw Blankets

Quickly and easily freshen up the living room or bedroom by adding an indulgent throw blanket. From simple and elegant to casual and inviting any throw blanket can complement these styles by using the right technique to display it. While we have provided you with some general guidelines for selecting and styling your throw blanket, exploring and experimenting with different colors and textures will help you find the right look for you. YLighting offers a large assortment of modern and contemporary blankets and throw blankets that are just right for the modern home. For any questions about our modern blankets and throw blankets, we have a team of design experts that are ready to help at (800) 660-4243.