• Torsion Ceiling Fan


  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Dark Bronze finish with Mahogany blade finish / 62 inch / LED

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Dark Bronze finish with Mahogany blade finish / 62 inch / No Light

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Bright Nickel finish with Maple blade finish / 62 inch / No Light

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Fan Speed Control Only 001

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Handheld Remote Control 003

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Fan Speed and Light Control 004

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Wall Control with Remote Handset 005


  • Torsion Ceiling Fan


Torsion Ceiling Fan

by Dave Ellis from Modern Fan Company
$364.00 - $484.00


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  • OK For Outdoor Use
  • Sloped Ceiling Adaptable
  • Limited Lifetime
  • Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.

    Modern Fan represents a new age in ceiling fans - the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design. Designed by Ron Rezek, the Modern Fan Company's models celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes.

  • OK For Outdoor Use
  • Sloped Ceiling Adaptable
  • Limited Lifetime
  • Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.

    Modern Fan represents a new age in ceiling fans - the marrying of efficient function with contemporary design. Designed by Ron Rezek, the Modern Fan Company's models celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes.

    • Design: Dave Ellis
    • LED light kit is rated at a 45,000-hour lifespan
    • 62" option sold with 17" downrods only
    • Includes Control
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    • Manufactured In: Taiwan
    • Consumes 72.00 Watts at high speed (excludes lights consumption)
    • 5103.00, 6263.00 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) fan airflow at high speed
    • 71.00, 87.00 Cubic Feet per Minute/Watt Airflow (Efficiency at high speed)
    • Location Rating: ETL Listed Damp
    • OK for Outdoor Use
    • Lighting Style: Downlight
    • Die Cast Aluminum, Stamped Steel, and Plywood Blades
    • AC motor
    • 154.00, 228.00 rotations per minute (motor speed)
    • 172 x 20 motor size
    • 3, 4 number of speeds (Forward and reverse)
    • Installation Type: Standard/With Downrod
    • Sloped Ceiling Adaptable: True
    • Stem/Downrod included: One 17.00 in.,, One 17.00 in., One 17.00 in.
    • Canopy Shape: Round
    • Blade: Dia 52 in , 62 in
    • Canopy: Dia 5.5 in
    • Fixture: HL Adj From 13.2 in , Adj To 24.2 in , Wgt 15Lbs
    • Motor: H 5.6 in , Dia 6.9 in

    View Modern Fan Control Options

    TOR-GW-52-MP-272-003, TOR-GW-52-MP-272-004, TOR-GW-52-MP-272-005, TOR-GW-52-MP-272-002, TOR-GW-62-MP-272-003, TOR-GW-62-MP-272-004, TOR-GW-62-MP-272-005, TOR-GW-62-MP-272-002, TOR-BN-52-MP-272-003, TOR-BN-52-MP-272-004, TOR-BN-52-MP-272-005, TOR-BN-52-MP-272-002, TOR-BN-62-MP-272-003, TOR-BN-62-MP-272-004, TOR-BN-62-MP-272-005, TOR-BN-62-MP-272-002, TOR-DB-52-MP-272-003, TOR-DB-52-MP-272-004, TOR-DB-52-MP-272-005, TOR-DB-52-MP-272-002, TOR-DB-62-MP-272-003, TOR-DB-62-MP-272-004, TOR-DB-62-MP-272-005, TOR-DB-62-MP-272-002, TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-WW-271-003, TOR-GW-52-WW-272-003, TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-WW-271-004, TOR-GW-52-WW-272-004, TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-005, TOR-GW-52-WW-271-005, TOR-GW-52-WW-272-005, TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-WW-271-002, TOR-GW-52-WW-272-002, TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-WW-271-003, TOR-GW-62-WW-272-003, TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-WW-271-004, TOR-GW-62-WW-272-004, TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-WW-271-005, TOR-GW-62-WW-272-005, TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-002, TOR-GW-62-WW-271-002, TOR-GW-62-WW-272-002, TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-WW-271-003, TOR-BN-52-WW-272-003, TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-WW-271-004, TOR-BN-52-WW-272-004, TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-005, TOR-BN-52-WW-271-005, TOR-BN-52-WW-272-005, TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-WW-271-002, TOR-BN-52-WW-272-002, TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-WW-271-003, TOR-BN-62-WW-272-003, TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-WW-271-004, TOR-BN-62-WW-272-004, TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-WW-271-005, TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-002, TOR-BN-62-WW-271-002, TOR-BN-62-WW-272-002, TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-WW-271-003, TOR-DB-52-WW-272-003, TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-WW-271-004, TOR-DB-52-WW-272-004, TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-WW-271-005, TOR-DB-52-WW-272-005, TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-WW-271-002, TOR-DB-52-WW-272-002, TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-WW-271-003, TOR-DB-62-WW-272-003, TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-WW-271-004, TOR-DB-62-WW-272-004, TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-WW-271-005, TOR-DB-62-WW-272-005, TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-WW-271-002, TOR-DB-62-WW-272-002, TOR-GW-52-MG-272-003, TOR-GW-52-MG-272-004, TOR-GW-52-MG-272-005, TOR-GW-52-MG-272-002, TOR-GW-62-MG-272-003, TOR-GW-62-MG-272-004, TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002, TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002, TOR-BN-52-MG-272-003, TOR-BN-52-MG-272-004, TOR-BN-52-MG-272-005, TOR-BN-52-MG-272-002, TOR-BN-62-MG-272-003, TOR-BN-62-MG-272-004, TOR-BN-62-MG-272-005, TOR-BN-62-MG-272-002, TOR-DB-52-MG-272-003, TOR-DB-52-MG-272-004, TOR-DB-52-MG-272-005, TOR-DB-52-MG-272-002, TOR-DB-62-MG-272-003, TOR-DB-62-MG-272-004, TOR-DB-62-MG-272-005, TOR-DB-62-MG-272-002, TOR-GW-52-BK-272-003, TOR-GW-52-BK-272-004, TOR-GW-52-BK-272-005, TOR-GW-52-BK-272-002, TOR-GW-62-BK-272-003, TOR-GW-62-BK-272-004, TOR-GW-62-BK-272-005, TOR-GW-62-BK-272-002, TOR-BN-52-BK-272-003, TOR-BN-52-BK-272-004, TOR-BN-52-BK-272-005, TOR-BN-52-BK-272-002, TOR-BN-62-BK-272-003, TOR-BN-62-BK-272-004, TOR-BN-62-BK-272-005, TOR-BN-62-BK-272-002, TOR-DB-52-BK-272-003, TOR-DB-52-BK-272-004, TOR-DB-52-BK-272-005, TOR-DB-52-BK-272-002, TOR-DB-62-BK-272-003, TOR-DB-62-BK-272-004, TOR-DB-62-BK-272-005, TOR-DB-62-BK-272-002, TOR-GW-52-NK-272-003, TOR-GW-52-NK-272-004, TOR-GW-52-NK-272-005, TOR-GW-52-NK-272-002, TOR-GW-62-NK-272-003, TOR-GW-62-NK-272-004, TOR-GW-62-NK-272-005, TOR-GW-62-NK-272-002, TOR-BN-52-NK-272-003, TOR-BN-52-NK-272-004, TOR-BN-52-NK-272-005, TOR-BN-52-NK-272-002, TOR-BN-62-NK-272-003, TOR-BN-62-NK-272-004, TOR-BN-62-NK-272-005, TOR-BN-62-NK-272-002, TOR-DB-52-NK-272-003, TOR-DB-52-NK-272-004, TOR-DB-52-NK-272-005, TOR-DB-52-NK-272-002, TOR-DB-62-NK-272-003, TOR-DB-62-NK-272-004, TOR-DB-62-NK-272-005, TOR-DB-62-NK-272-002, TOR-GW-52-WH-272-003, TOR-GW-52-WH-272-004, TOR-GW-52-WH-272-005, TOR-GW-52-WH-272-002, TOR-GW-62-WH-272-003, TOR-GW-62-WH-272-004, TOR-GW-62-WH-272-005, TOR-GW-62-WH-272-002, TOR-BN-52-WH-272-003, TOR-BN-52-WH-272-004, TOR-BN-52-WH-272-005, TOR-BN-52-WH-272-002, TOR-BN-62-WH-272-003, TOR-BN-62-WH-272-004, TOR-BN-62-WH-272-005, TOR-BN-62-WH-272-002, TOR-DB-52-WH-272-003, TOR-DB-52-WH-272-004, TOR-DB-52-WH-272-005, TOR-DB-52-WH-272-002, TOR-DB-62-WH-272-003, TOR-DB-62-WH-272-004, TOR-DB-62-WH-272-005, TOR-DB-62-WH-272-002, TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-GY-271-003, TOR-GW-52-GY-272-003, TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-GY-271-004, TOR-GW-52-GY-272-004, TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-005, TOR-GW-52-GY-271-005, TOR-GW-52-GY-272-005, TOR-GW-52-GY-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-GY-271-002, TOR-GW-52-GY-272-002, TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-GY-271-003, TOR-GW-62-GY-272-003, TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-GY-271-004, TOR-GW-62-GY-272-004, TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-GY-271-005, TOR-GW-62-GY-272-005, TOR-GW-62-GY-NL-002, TOR-GW-62-GY-271-002, TOR-GW-62-GY-272-002, TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-GY-271-003, TOR-BN-52-GY-272-003, TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-GY-271-004, TOR-BN-52-GY-272-004, TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-005, TOR-BN-52-GY-271-005, TOR-BN-52-GY-272-005, TOR-BN-52-GY-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-GY-271-002, TOR-BN-52-GY-272-002, TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-GY-271-003, TOR-BN-62-GY-272-003, TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-GY-271-004, TOR-BN-62-GY-272-004, TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-GY-271-005, TOR-BN-62-GY-272-005, TOR-BN-62-GY-NL-002, TOR-BN-62-GY-271-002, TOR-BN-62-GY-272-002, TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-GY-271-003, TOR-DB-52-GY-272-003, TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-GY-271-004, TOR-DB-52-GY-272-004, TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-GY-271-005, TOR-DB-52-GY-272-005, TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-GY-271-002, TOR-DB-52-GY-272-002, TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-GY-271-003, TOR-DB-62-GY-272-003, TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-GY-271-004, TOR-DB-62-GY-272-004, TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-GY-271-005, TOR-DB-62-GY-272-005, TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-GY-271-002, TOR-DB-62-GY-272-002, TOR-GW-52-MP-271-003, TOR-GW-52-MP-271-004, TOR-GW-52-MP-271-005, TOR-GW-52-MP-271-002, TOR-GW-62-MP-271-003, TOR-GW-62-MP-271-004, TOR-GW-62-MP-271-005, TOR-GW-62-MP-271-002, TOR-BN-52-MP-271-003, TOR-BN-52-MP-271-004, TOR-BN-52-MP-271-005, TOR-BN-52-MP-271-002, TOR-BN-62-MP-271-003, TOR-BN-62-MP-271-004, TOR-BN-62-MP-271-005, TOR-BN-62-MP-271-002, TOR-DB-52-MP-271-003, TOR-DB-52-MP-271-004, TOR-DB-52-MP-271-005, TOR-DB-52-MP-271-002, TOR-DB-62-MP-271-003, TOR-DB-62-MP-271-004, TOR-DB-62-MP-271-005, TOR-DB-62-MP-271-002, TOR-GW-52-MG-271-003, TOR-GW-52-MG-271-004, TOR-GW-52-MG-271-005, TOR-GW-52-MG-271-002, TOR-GW-62-MG-271-003, TOR-GW-62-MG-271-004, TOR-GW-62-MG-271-005, TOR-GW-62-MG-271-002, TOR-BN-52-MG-271-003, TOR-BN-52-MG-271-004, TOR-BN-52-MG-271-005, TOR-BN-52-MG-271-002, TOR-BN-62-MG-271-003, TOR-BN-62-MG-271-004, TOR-BN-62-MG-271-005, TOR-BN-62-MG-271-002, TOR-DB-52-MG-271-003, TOR-DB-52-MG-271-004, TOR-DB-52-MG-271-005, TOR-DB-52-MG-271-002, TOR-DB-62-MG-271-003, TOR-DB-62-MG-271-004, TOR-DB-62-MG-271-005, TOR-DB-62-MG-271-002, TOR-GW-52-BK-271-003, TOR-GW-52-BK-271-004, TOR-GW-52-BK-271-005, TOR-GW-52-BK-271-002, TOR-GW-62-BK-271-003, TOR-GW-62-BK-271-004, TOR-GW-62-BK-271-005, TOR-GW-62-BK-271-002, TOR-BN-52-BK-271-003, TOR-BN-52-BK-271-004, TOR-BN-52-BK-271-005, TOR-BN-52-BK-271-002, TOR-BN-62-BK-271-003, TOR-BN-62-BK-271-004, TOR-BN-62-BK-271-005, TOR-BN-62-BK-271-002, TOR-DB-52-BK-271-003, TOR-DB-52-BK-271-004, TOR-DB-52-BK-271-005, TOR-DB-52-BK-271-002, TOR-DB-62-BK-271-003, TOR-DB-62-BK-271-004, TOR-DB-62-BK-271-005, TOR-DB-62-BK-271-002, TOR-GW-52-NK-271-003, TOR-GW-52-NK-271-004, TOR-GW-52-NK-271-005, TOR-GW-52-NK-271-002, TOR-GW-62-NK-271-003, TOR-GW-62-NK-271-004, TOR-GW-62-NK-271-005, TOR-GW-62-NK-271-002, TOR-BN-52-NK-271-003, TOR-BN-52-NK-271-004, TOR-BN-52-NK-271-005, TOR-BN-52-NK-271-002, TOR-BN-62-NK-271-003, TOR-BN-62-NK-271-004, TOR-BN-62-NK-271-005, TOR-BN-62-NK-271-002, TOR-DB-52-NK-271-003, TOR-DB-52-NK-271-004, TOR-DB-52-NK-271-005, TOR-DB-52-NK-271-002, TOR-DB-62-NK-271-003, TOR-DB-62-NK-271-004, TOR-DB-62-NK-271-005, TOR-DB-62-NK-271-002, TOR-GW-52-WH-271-003, TOR-GW-52-WH-271-004, TOR-GW-52-WH-271-005, TOR-GW-52-WH-271-002, TOR-GW-62-WH-271-003, TOR-GW-62-WH-271-004, TOR-GW-62-WH-271-005, TOR-GW-62-WH-271-002, TOR-BN-52-WH-271-003, TOR-BN-52-WH-271-004, TOR-BN-52-WH-271-005, TOR-BN-52-WH-271-002, TOR-BN-62-WH-271-003, TOR-BN-62-WH-271-004, TOR-BN-62-WH-271-005, TOR-BN-62-WH-271-002, TOR-DB-52-WH-271-003, TOR-DB-52-WH-271-004, TOR-DB-52-WH-271-005, TOR-DB-52-WH-271-002, TOR-DB-62-WH-271-003, TOR-DB-62-WH-271-004, TOR-DB-62-WH-271-005, TOR-DB-62-WH-271-002, TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-002, TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-WH-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-BK-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-MP-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-NK-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-NK-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-WH-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-MG-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-WH-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-MP-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-MP-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-005, TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-NK-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-BK-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-NK-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-MG-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-002, TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-WH-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-002, TOR-GW-62-MG-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-MP-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-MP-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-BK-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-002, TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-004, TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-005, TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-001, TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-003, TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-005, TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-004, TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-003, TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-001, TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-002, TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-004, TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-005, TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-003, TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-001, TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-002, TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-004, TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-003, TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-001, TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-005, TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-004, TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-003, TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-001, TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-002, TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-004, TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-005, TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-003, TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-001, TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-002, TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-004. + More

    CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

    California Proposition 65

    WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

    Proposition 65 de la Californie

    AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

    Prop. 65 de California

    ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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    Torsion Ceiling Fan Availability

    All combinations for this product are listed below.

    Torsion Ceiling Fan Diagram

    Torsion Ceiling Fan Ratings + Reviews

    Torsion Ceiling Fan is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 38.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great fan We like these fans and have installed 6 in our home. We had noise on one fan at low fan speed settings coming from the motor. After a few calls to Ylighting and then to MFC, we were able to get a replacement and it’s as quiet as the others. We would buy these again.
    Date published: 2021-11-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love the contemporary style Just what I was looking for - clean lines, minimal motor housing and effective at cooling the room.
    Date published: 2021-07-09
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Awesome fan! I love the look and fits my sunroom space perfectly
    Date published: 2021-04-28
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Fan, Easy Install This is a great looking fan and moves a lot of air. I installed two of them now and have had no issues with the fan or the install. There are multiple control options so make sure you read through the descriptions and understand your installation situation.
    Date published: 2020-08-05
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great modern fan for excellent price! I've used this fan in many of my projects. Love the variety of available finishes. Looks great! Works great!
    Date published: 2020-05-26
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Exceptional quality reviewed countless outdoor ceiling fans before selecting the 62" Torsion model.....quality performance and appearance are compliments to our new screened room and the design of our mid-century home....would highly recommend
    Date published: 2020-01-07
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great look and performance Love the look of these fans. High quality construction. Installation went smoothly. Super quiet when operating.
    Date published: 2020-01-05
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Best looking, reasonably priced fan Great looking fan with all the options you need for your space. Love that it has an ultra low setting to keep air moving. Only beef is that it makes a tiny clicking sound on the second highest setting... which is the best speed of you don’t loke living in a wind tunnel.
    Date published: 2019-01-28
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