Track Lighting - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the track lighting systems UL approved?

Yes - most are UL and CUL listed and New York City approved.

2. Are the track lighting systems approved for Canadian use?

Yes - most are CUL listed.

3. Are any track lighting systems New York City approved?

Yes ? all 3 systems are NYC approved.

4. What is the warranty of the Track Lighting System?

Our product warranty (as with the rest of our products) is one year.

5. Do you need different types of track for line voltage and low voltage track fixtures in the LT, HT or JT style?

No. They are line voltage, 20Amp. You can use them with either the line or low voltage track heads as our low voltage heads are equipped with a transformer.

6. Why do you have three different track systems?

Having three systems gives us the flexibility in meeting different demands. For retrofit jobs and to work with customers that stock one or more of the majors and would like to supplement those lines.

7. What are the different features between the three systems?

H (3-WIRE)
L (2-WIRE)
Compatibility 100% with HALO Regular Single Circuit System (cataloged as Miniature Track System)

100% with Elko
Our ?L? 2-wire track heads (both low & line voltage) will fit LIGHTOLIER?s Lytespan System. Lightolier track heads will not fit our tracks. Accessories are not interchangeable. 100% with JUNO ? Master Series Single Circuit. >Our ?J? wide 2-wire track heads will fit on any of their tracks.
Circuitry Single Single Single Track heads may be converted for use with 2-circuit tracks by pulling up the tab that is fully enclosed (when you look from the side), and inserting a J-CLIP to keep it in place.
Wire 3 wires 2 wires 2 wires
Grounding Extra (3rd wire) functions as grounding. The track itself is a grounding device. The track itself is a grounding device.

8. Is there an advantage of one system over another?

No - each system has its own mechanical and design features. It?s a matter of personal preference.

9. I am installing track lighting for the first time; which system would you recommend?

The 3-wire ("H") system ? Many current projects require or specify a 3-wire system. It is easier to ground, and has more accessories than the other 2 systems. Also, it is 100% compatible with HALO, which makes substituting really easy. 

10. Are the three systems interchangeable?

No - be sure to select items from the same system. The track heads and components from the three systems are not interchangeable. For example, the 3-wire HTK-745-WT track head will not work on a 2-wire LT-8-WT track.

11. Is the "HL" (3-wire "L" connector) feedable?

Yes ? the chart below outlines the other "connector" accessories:

Floating canopy Yes Yes Yes
Mono Point Yes Yes Yes
Straight line connector with dead end No No No
Straight line connector with power feed Yes Yes Yes
Straight line connector No No No
"L" connector Yes Yes Yes
"T" connector Yes No Yes
"X" connector Yes No Yes
Flexible track connector Yes Yes Yes
Live end connector Yes Yes Yes
Live end connector for BX cable Yes Yes Yes

12. What accessory will I need if I have to hang a 10 pound chandelier off a 3-wire track?

A suspension loop (H-LOOP) accepts chain-hung fixtures up to 35 pounds. The chandelier may be hot-wired to the suspension loop and be powered from the track.

13. Since the floating canopy powers the track anywhere along its length, can it be placed at the end?

Yes, but not all the way at the end. Unlike the live end, it cannot be used as an end piece. It can only be placed next to the end cap as the furthest point.

14. What accessories will I need to suspend my tracks 3' on a sloped ceiling? How do you bring power from the end of the rod to the track?

You will need 36? suspension kits (SK36), and sloped ceiling adapters (SK14). You will also need a live end to power the track. The wire goes to a live end connector (or an ?L?, ?X?, ?T?, ?FLX?, ?I-PWR?) on the end. As the wire exits the rod, it runs along the top of the track to the end. Refer to the installation instructions that come with the suspension kits for wiring information. 
Basically, you will require two suspension kits for a 2' or 4' track, and three kits for 6' or 8' track sections. 

15. How do I suspend a track 6?? from the ceiling?

To get 6??, you need a basic SK48 suspension kit, plus a 36" rod (R36), a coupling (RI), and an SK05 adapter kit to field cut the suspension rod.

16. Do you have any gold tracks?

No - just black and white ones.

17. What material are the tracks made of?


18. Are the tracks cuttable in the field?

Yes - you may require additional end caps.

19. How can I tell the difference between a 3-wire, 2-wire and a wide 2-wire fixture?

The overall look is exactly the same. We have made an improvement on the design of the transformer box ? they are now low profile, small and unobtrusive. They differ in the way they each fit into the track. The adapter of a 3-wire fixture has three silver colored pins ? two on one side, and one on the other. A 2-wire fixture has two silver pins. And the wide 2-wire fixture looks similar to the 2-wire fixture, except that the pins are farther apart, and one side is marked ?P?. The wide 2-wire fixture may be adaptable to a JUNO two circuit track by pulling up the pin marked ?P?, and inserting a ?J-CLIP? to hold it in place.

20. How can I tell if a fixture is low or line voltage?

The low voltage fixture has a slim oblong transformer box, whereas the line voltage fixture does not.

21. How do I order a 180 style in 75W?

Using the 180 gimble ring as an example, here are some ordering information. The color goes behind the model number.

50W 120V-12V HHT-180 LHT-180 JHT-180
75W 120V-12V HHT-180L LHT-180L JHT-180L

22. Does your 008FP work with any other fixture?

No, the 008FP is a framing projector that only works with the 007 track head. Our 007 head is adaptable to monopoints or as a track fixture.

23. Are the 801-BD barn doors available for any other track head?

No ? it only works with style # 801 track fixture.

24. Do you have barn doors available for you line voltage track heads?

Yes- for 024/048 and 178/188 we have a PAR20BD, PAR30BD, and a PAR38BD. Our model # 123 comes with barn doors attached.

25. Since the transformers for the low voltage fixtures are electronic, what type of modern-dimmers would I require?

Our transformers are designed for use with regular incandescent modern-dimmers. Most household modern-dimmers are 600W. Do not put more than twelve 50W fixtures on the dimmer.

26. My electrician installed some Low Voltage Track heads with a standard dimmer switch, but the fixtures hum. We then switched over to a magnetic dimmer, but they hum even worse. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Magnetic modern-dimmers are not suitable. A better quality standard dimmer or an electronic one should be good. Otherwise, you may install a noise filter that is generally available from a store like Radio Shack.

27. How do I suspend a low voltage track head?

The low voltage track heads with extensions are made to order at our facility. We have 6?, 12?, 18", 24", 36" and 48" drops. All items may be fitted with an extension. The cost of the fixture will be the track head plus the extension.

28. Do you have any low voltage track heads in gold?

Yes - both the MR16 and MR11 versions of the square (802, 1102) and round (809, 1109) and 007 are available in gold as well as black and white. The Die Cast Series feature the 816 style in gold, black and white. You may choose black or white for the transformer box. For example, LHT-816-GL/BK indicates a gold head with a black transformer box. All other track heads come in black and white only.

29. Do you have any track heads in brushed nickel?

Yes ? some of our more popular styles are available in brushed nickel. You may choose black or white for the transformer box. For example, LHT-809-BN/BK indicates a brushed nickel head with a black transformer box. Check the catalog for color availability. 

30. I have a very narrow space (2") between the track and the wall. Which track head should I use in this situation?

The flexible 204 style is perfect for the job. The 18" gooseneck may be aimed any which way.Be sure to keep the lamp at least 12? from any combustible materials.

31. Do you have any low voltage track fixture with a fixed socket?

Yes. The regular styles have exposed sockets, whereas the Die Cast styles have concealed wiring in the stem. Moreover, the Die Cast advantage is that relamping may be done by unscrewing the front piece without the use of tools. 

32. How do I suspend a line voltage track head from a track?

Only the fixtures from the 3-wire system may be suspended. We offer 18", 24", 36" and 48" lengths.(H18,H24, H36 and H48).

33. I would like to use the HHT-204 fixture as a monopoint, but the transformer doesn?t exactly fit right over the HMP monopoint. What do you suggest?

Yes, the transformer will extend out from the monopoint. It is meant to be used with a line voltage track head. You may order the 204 style (or any low voltage style) on a canopy base as an LP, MI, ME or MO fixture. 

34. How many Live Ends do I need for a 30' run of track?

The number of live ends required depends on the load, and not on the length. The track is able to accommodate 20 Amp, at 80% capacity, i.e. 16 Amp. Say, you are putting (30) LHT-180L-WT (75W) fixtures into the 30' of track.

A = W
Each 75W fixture will draw 75/120 = 0.625 Amp
(30) 75W fixture will draw 0.625 X 30 = 18.75 Amp

Since the maximum load of the track is 16A, you will need 2 power feeds for 18.75A.

35. The 2-wire is extremely hard to insert into original Lightolier tracks. I?m afraid I might break the fixture. What should I do?

It is a very tight fit, but nonetheless, it will work. As long as the track head goes in once, it is loosened, and can then easily be placed anywhere along the length of the track.

36. Are your "L" series accessories compatible with original Lightolier tracks?

None of our accessories will fit Lightolier?s track. Their sizes are not exactly the same. That is why our track heads will fit on Lightolier tracks, but not vice versa.

37. Do you have a device that enables me to mount a track away from the wall?

The TBKT will do just that, the extension length is 24".

38. I need some track lighting for use in the UK. Is your track lighting rated 50/60 Hz?

Yes, they are rated for 50/60Hz.

39. Which track heads would you recommend for use in an outdoor restaurant by the sea?

The low voltage models 802, 809, 1102 and 1109 are made of aluminum and powder-coated to withstand weather and corrosion. All low and line voltage fixtures in the Die Cast Aluminum are coated with an oil-based paint to resist the weather. They are not, however, damp or wet labeled. 

40. Do you have a very low profile track head for use in a kiosk?

The line voltage style #178 will handle all ?A?, ?PAR? and ?R? lamps, up to 150W. As for low voltage, the low profile gimble ring, style #160 will take an MR16 lamp. These are both available for all three of our track systems.

41. Will any of your track heads take color lenses?

Yes, in fact, we have a variety of color lenses, filters and louvers to accommodate both the MR16 and MR11 size fixtures. They simply replace the clear lens that comes with the fixture.

42. I noticed in your catalog that you don?t have any line voltage track heads in white with a white baffle. How do I get them that way?

The baffles may be ordered separately, as an accessory. Our baffles come in three sizes to accommodate any line voltage track head.

BAF-L-WT For styles #703, 704, 718
BAF-M-WT For style #702
BAF-S-WT For style #701
BAF-XL-WT For styles #705, 706

43. How do I order your line voltage flexible fixtures?

Our line voltage flexible fixtures are adaptable to all three of our track systems and as surface mounts (see questions on surface mounts):

 I.   3-wire track(HTK-024/HTK-048)
 II.  2-wire track(LTK-024/LTK-048)
 III. Wide 2-wire track(JTK-024/JTK-048)