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By WAC Lighting.

Combining Class 2 Transformers in a single package creates a single source to wire multiple runs of low voltage fixtures, such as under cabinet and display luminaires.

  • 1W minimum load
  • Secondary wiring for Class 2 Transformers does not require conduit sheathed cable or clamp wiring techniques
  • Intrinsically safe, Class 2 Transformers permit no greater than a 5 amp current be drawn
  • Non-metallic sheathed cable may be used for secondary wiring in walls and ceilings
  • Drop down to a smaller gauge wire if space in fixture does not permit secure connection directly with the non-metallic sheathed cable
  • Powers most cabinet fixtures
  • Available in plug in or remote in 60W or 96W outputs
  • Dimmable with electronic low voltage modern-dimmers (sold separately)
  • UL Listed

  • EN-2460-RB2: 6.625"L X 1.625"W X 1.125"H
  • EN-2460-P-AR: 6.625"L X 1.625"W X 1.125"H
  • EN-24100-RB2: 6.625"L X 1.625"W X 1.125"H
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EN-2460-RB2 EN-24100-RB2 EN-2460-P-AR