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    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly items utilize energy efficient technology or sustainable manufacturing processes to provide a product that saves operating costs while being a more responsible environmental choice.

    Eco Friendly products include Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs, and items that utilize sustainable materials such as bamboo or use post consumer recycled content.

  • Energy Efficient
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Designed by WAC Lighting.

Defined as good logic, reasoning and the rational principle governing the universe, Logos is the ultimate pragmatic lighting solution for upscale retail and other commercial applications. The Logos 38W LED Line Voltage Track Head is a distinctive track luminaire, purposefully designed with a modern, rectangular and well-balanced form.

Available in white or black or finish. Shown in black.


  • Single tool-free lens assembly for easy in field change out of beam angle.
  • Replaceable LED modules.
  • 360° horizontal rotation and 180° vertical aiming.
  • Lockable hot aiming mechanism.
  • Wide variety of light distribution and color temperatures.
  • Die-cast aluminum construction.
  • Dimmable with electronic low voltage (ELV) dimmer.
  • High performance with fixture efficacy up to 79lm/W.
  • 50,000 hour rated life.

  • 7.13"L X 8.13"W X 4.88"H
  • Extension: 9.75"
Lamp Type
  • 2700K: 1 X 23W 120V LED (included), 2195 lumens (12 degree spread), 2233 lumens (24 degree spread), 2112 lumens (36 degree spread) or 2198 lumens (elliptical spread), 85 CRI
  • 3000K: 1 X 23W 120V LED (included), 2279 lumens (12 degree spread), 2360 lumens (24 degree spread), 2349 lumens (36 degree spread) or 2291 lumens (elliptical spread), 85 CRI
  • 3500K: 1 X 23W 120V LED (included), 2552 lumens (12 degree spread), 2602 lumens (24 degree spread), 2548 lumens (36 degree spread) or 2523 lumens (elliptical spread), 85 CRI
  • 4000K: 1 X 23W 120V LED (included), 3012 lumens (12 degree spread), 3080 lumens (24 degree spread), 2946 lumens (36 degree spread) or 2957 lumens (elliptical spread), 85 CRI
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
H-LED40E-27-BK H-LED40E-27-WT H-LED40E-30-BK H-LED40E-30-WT H-LED40E-35-BK H-LED40E-35-WT H-LED40E-40-BK H-LED40E-40-WT H-LED40F-27-BK H-LED40F-27-WT H-LED40F-30-BK H-LED40F-30-WT H-LED40F-35-BK H-LED40F-35-WT H-LED40F-40-BK H-LED40F-40-WT H-LED40N-27-BK H-LED40N-27-WT H-LED40N-30-BK H-LED40N-30-WT H-LED40N-35-BK H-LED40N-35-WT H-LED40N-40-BK H-LED40N-40-WT H-LED40S-27-BK H-LED40S-27-WT H-LED40S-30-BK H-LED40S-30-WT H-LED40S-35-BK H-LED40S-35-WT H-LED40S-40-BK H-LED40S-40-WT L-LED40E-27-BK L-LED40E-27-WT L-LED40E-30-BK L-LED40E-30-WT L-LED40E-35-BK L-LED40E-35-WT L-LED40E-40-BK L-LED40E-40-WT L-LED40F-27-BK L-LED40F-27-WT L-LED40F-30-BK L-LED40F-30-WT L-LED40F-35-BK L-LED40F-35-WT L-LED40F-40-BK L-LED40F-40-WT L-LED40N-27-BK L-LED40N-27-WT L-LED40N-30-BK L-LED40N-30-WT L-LED40N-35-BK L-LED40N-35-WT L-LED40N-40-BK L-LED40N-40-WT L-LED40S-27-BK L-LED40S-27-WT L-LED40S-30-BK L-LED40S-30-WT L-LED40S-35-BK L-LED40S-35-WT L-LED40S-40-BK L-LED40S-40-WT J-LED40E-27-BK J-LED40E-27-WT J-LED40E-30-BK J-LED40E-30-WT J-LED40E-35-BK J-LED40E-35-WT J-LED40E-40-BK J-LED40E-40-WT J-LED40F-27-BK J-LED40F-27-WT J-LED40F-30-BK J-LED40F-30-WT J-LED40F-35-BK J-LED40F-35-WT J-LED40F-40-BK J-LED40F-40-WT J-LED40N-27-BK J-LED40N-27-WT J-LED40N-30-BK J-LED40N-30-WT J-LED40N-35-BK J-LED40N-35-WT J-LED40N-40-BK J-LED40N-40-WT J-LED40S-27-BK J-LED40S-27-WT J-LED40S-30-BK J-LED40S-30-WT J-LED40S-35-BK J-LED40S-35-WT J-LED40S-40-BK J-LED40S-40-WT