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WAC Lighting Transformers + LED Drivers

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Create A Well-Designed Space with WAC Lighting Transformers

Since 1984, WAC Lighting has become earned a reputation in the lighting industry for its approach to functional lighting and accessories. Specializing in recessed and track lighting systems, WAC Lighting accessories are an essential component of well-designed lighting systems and its transformers are well-suited to a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Choosing Lighting Transformers

WAC Lighting transformers are designed to provide support for outdoor lighting such as in-ground, accent, and submersible lighting. Encased in a durable stainless steel housing, outdoor living transformers from WAC are designed to provide consistent voltage that minimizes outages and safety hazards. Top-selling outdoor WAC Lighting transformers include integrated timers, multi-taps for longer runs, and are UL Listed Wet to stand up to regular exposure to rain, snow, and ambient moisture.

For indoor applications, choose from a variety of WAC Lighting transformers that are designed to prevent power surges that can damage lighting and equipment. WAC 100W J-Track transformers are ideal for track lighting applications and serve as an auto-regulator that prevents circuit overload.

WAC Lighting and Accessories

For more than 30 years, WAC has specialized in creating the most functional and visually appealing lighting and accessories and the brand continues to innovate. From WAC track lighting suitable for hard-to-light spaces, new construction, and renovations to WAC pendant lighting ideal for installation in kitchens and dining areas, there is sure to be a WAC light fixture that suits your needs.