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The Tube Architectural LED Flush Mount features precise engineering that uses the latest energy e?cient LED technology. With a built-in reflector for superior optics and an appealing cylindrical profile the Tube Architectural is perfect for accent and wall wash lighting. Choose between 3 beam spread and 3 color temperature options. Offered in 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch diameters. Available finishes include black, white, bronze, and graphite. Features: 80,000 hour rated life High performance exterior rated LED downlights Solid aluminum construction Includes universal driver (120V, 220V, 277V) ANSI compliant warm/neutral LED bins, for the finest color consistency possible Energy Star rated Meets 2013 California Title 24 Efficiency IP65 rated, ETL & cETL wet location listed
  • 5-Inch: 4.88"D X 7.13"H
  • 6-Inch: 6.25"D X 9.5"H
  • 8-Inch: 7.88"D X 11.75"H
Metal, aluminum
Lamp Type
  • 5-Inch: 1 X 24W 120-277V LED module, 1450-1610 lumens, 2700-3500K, 85-90 CRI (included)
  • 6-Inch: 1 X 42W 120-277V LED module, 2110-2130 lumens, 2700-3500K, 85-90 CRI (included)
  • 8-Inch: 1 X 54W 120-277V LED module, 4005-4015 lumens, 2700K-3500K, 85-90 CRI (included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
DS-CD05-F27-BK DS-CD05-F27-BZ DS-CD05-F27-GH DS-CD05-F27-WT DS-CD05-F30-BK DS-CD05-F30-BZ DS-CD05-F30-GH DS-CD05-F30-WT DS-CD05-F35-BK DS-CD05-F35-BZ DS-CD05-F35-GH DS-CD05-F35-WT DS-CD05-N27-BK DS-CD05-N27-BZ DS-CD05-N27-GH DS-CD05-N27-WT DS-CD05-N30-BK DS-CD05-N30-BZ DS-CD05-N30-GH DS-CD05-N30-WT DS-CD05-N35-BK DS-CD05-N35-BZ DS-CD05-N35-GH DS-CD05-N35-WT DS-CD05-S27-BK DS-CD05-S27-BZ DS-CD05-S27-GH DS-CD05-S27-WT DS-CD05-S30-BK DS-CD05-S30-BZ DS-CD05-S30-GH DS-CD05-S30-WT DS-CD05-S35-BK DS-CD05-S35-BZ DS-CD05-S35-GH DS-CD05-S35-WT DS-CD06-F27-BK DS-CD06-F27-BZ DS-CD06-F27-GH DS-CD06-F27-WT DS-CD06-F30-BK DS-CD06-F30-BZ DS-CD06-F30-GH DS-CD06-F30-WT DS-CD06-F35-BK DS-CD06-F35-BZ DS-CD06-F35-GH DS-CD06-F35-WT DS-CD06-N27-BK DS-CD06-N27-BZ DS-CD06-N27-GH DS-CD06-N27-WT DS-CD06-N30-BK DS-CD06-N30-BZ DS-CD06-N30-GH DS-CD06-N30-WT DS-CD06-N35-BK DS-CD06-N35-BZ DS-CD06-N35-GH DS-CD06-N35-WT DS-CD06-S27-BK DS-CD06-S27-BZ DS-CD06-S27-GH DS-CD06-S27-WT DS-CD06-S30-BK DS-CD06-S30-BZ DS-CD06-S30-GH DS-CD06-S30-WT DS-CD06-S35-BK DS-CD06-S35-BZ DS-CD06-S35-GH DS-CD06-S35-WT DS-CD08-F27-BK DS-CD08-F27-BZ DS-CD08-F27-GH DS-CD08-F27-WT DS-CD08-F30-BK DS-CD08-F30-BZ DS-CD08-F30-GH DS-CD08-F30-WT DS-CD08-F35-BK DS-CD08-F35-BZ DS-CD08-F35-GH DS-CD08-N27-BK DS-CD08-N27-BZ DS-CD08-N27-GH DS-CD08-N27-WT DS-CD08-N30-BK DS-CD08-N30-BZ DS-CD08-N30-GH DS-CD08-N30-WT DS-CD08-N35-BK DS-CD08-N35-BZ DS-CD08-N35-GH DS-CD08-N35-WT DS-CD08-S27-BK DS-CD08-S27-BZ DS-CD08-S27-GH DS-CD08-S27-WT DS-CD08-S30-BK DS-CD08-S30-BZ DS-CD08-S30-GH DS-CD08-S30-WT DS-CD08-S35-BK DS-CD08-S35-BZ DS-CD08-S35-GH DS-CD08-S35-WT DS-CD05-F927-BK DS-CD05-F927-BZ DS-CD05-F927-GH DS-CD05-F927-WT DS-CD05-F930-BK DS-CD05-F930-BZ DS-CD05-F930-GH DS-CD05-F930-WT DS-CD05-N927-BK DS-CD05-N927-BZ DS-CD05-N927-GH DS-CD05-N927-WT DS-CD05-N930-BK DS-CD05-N930-BZ DS-CD05-N930-GH DS-CD05-N930-WT DS-CD05-S927-BK DS-CD05-S927-BZ DS-CD05-S927-GH DS-CD05-S927-WT DS-CD05-S930-BK DS-CD05-S930-BZ DS-CD05-S930-GH DS-CD05-S930-WT DS-CD06-F927-BK DS-CD06-F927-BZ DS-CD06-F927-GH DS-CD06-F927-WT DS-CD06-F930-BK DS-CD06-F930-BZ DS-CD06-F930-GH DS-CD06-F930-WT DS-CD06-N927-BK DS-CD06-N927-BZ DS-CD06-N927-GH DS-CD06-N927-WT DS-CD06-N930-BK DS-CD06-N930-BZ DS-CD06-N930-GH DS-CD06-N930-WT DS-CD06-S927-BK DS-CD06-S927-BZ DS-CD06-S927-GH DS-CD06-S927-WT DS-CD06-S930-BK DS-CD06-S930-BZ DS-CD06-S930-GH DS-CD06-S930-WT DS-CD08-F927-BK DS-CD08-F927-BZ DS-CD08-F927-GH DS-CD08-F927-WT DS-CD08-F930-BK DS-CD08-F930-BZ DS-CD08-F930-GH DS-CD08-F930-WT DS-CD08-N927-BK DS-CD08-N927-BZ DS-CD08-N927-GH DS-CD08-N927-WT DS-CD08-N930-BK DS-CD08-N930-BZ DS-CD08-N930-GH DS-CD08-N930-WT DS-CD08-S927-BK DS-CD08-S927-BZ DS-CD08-S927-GH DS-CD08-S927-WT DS-CD08-S930-BK DS-CD08-S930-BZ DS-CD08-S930-GH DS-CD08-S930-WT