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Designed by WAC Lighting.

Volta is the quintessential high performance LED architectural recessed downlight. Volta Housings can be specified with one of three (15W, 25W, 36W) serviceable drivers to plan your project in accordance with energy and lighting requirements up to 3,000 lumens. Volta Housings are available in New Construction IC-Rated Airtight or Remodel Non-IC Airtight with Emergency backup battery and Chicago Plenum Safety options. Volta Trims include an LED light engine with a replaceable high powered LED module and are available in a variety of options including round, square, adjustable, wall wash, shallow regressed, or a sleek flangeless trim which can be spackled directly up to the aperture. Tool-less in-field adjustable glare control and optic system can be used for louvers, lens, and beam control.

The Volta 4.5" LED Shallow Regressed Downlight Invisible Trim is available in round and square trims made of die-cast self flanged aluminum. Available in three architectural grade finishes - black, specification haze and white with no physical seams.


  • Aperture: 4.5"
  • Trim: 5.75"
  • Cutout: 5.13"
Lamp Type
1 X 15W, 25W or 26W 120-240-277V LED module; 2700, 3000, 2500 or 4000K 85 or 90 CRI, 817 - 2472 lumens (LED driver included with Volta Housing)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
R4RD1L-F827-BK R4RD1L-F827-HZ R4RD1L-F827-WT R4RD1L-F830-BK R4RD1L-F830-HZ R4RD1L-F830-WT R4RD1L-F835-BK R4RD1L-F835-HZ R4RD1L-F835-WT R4RD1L-F840-BK R4RD1L-F840-HZ R4RD1L-F840-WT R4RD1L-F927-BK R4RD1L-F927-HZ R4RD1L-F927-WT R4RD1L-F930-BK R4RD1L-F930-HZ R4RD1L-F930-WT R4RD1L-N827-BK R4RD1L-N827-HZ R4RD1L-N827-WT R4RD1L-N830-BK R4RD1L-N830-HZ R4RD1L-N830-WT R4RD1L-N835-BK R4RD1L-N835-HZ R4RD1L-N835-WT R4RD1L-N840-BK R4RD1L-N840-HZ R4RD1L-N840-WT R4RD1L-N927-BK R4RD1L-N927-HZ R4RD1L-N927-WT R4RD1L-N930-BK R4RD1L-N930-HZ R4RD1L-N930-WT R4RD1L-S827-BK R4RD1L-S827-HZ R4RD1L-S827-WT R4RD1L-S830-BK R4RD1L-S830-HZ R4RD1L-S830-WT R4RD1L-S835-BK R4RD1L-S835-HZ R4RD1L-S835-WT R4RD1L-S840-BK R4RD1L-S840-HZ R4RD1L-S840-WT R4RD1L-S927-BK R4RD1L-S927-HZ R4RD1L-S927-WT R4RD1L-S930-BK R4RD1L-S930-HZ R4RD1L-S930-WT R4RD1L-W827-BK R4RD1L-W827-HZ R4RD1L-W827-WT R4RD1L-W830-BK R4RD1L-W830-HZ R4RD1L-W830-WT R4RD1L-W835-BK R4RD1L-W835-HZ R4RD1L-W835-WT R4RD1L-W840-BK R4RD1L-W840-HZ R4RD1L-W840-WT R4RD1L-W927-BK R4RD1L-W927-HZ R4RD1L-W927-WT R4RD1L-W930-BK R4RD1L-W930-HZ R4RD1L-W930-WT R4SD1L-F827-BK R4SD1L-F827-HZ R4SD1L-F827-WT R4SD1L-F830-BK R4SD1L-F830-HZ R4SD1L-F830-WT R4SD1L-F835-BK R4SD1L-F835-HZ R4SD1L-F835-WT R4SD1L-F840-BK R4SD1L-F840-HZ R4SD1L-F840-WT R4SD1L-F927-BK R4SD1L-F927-HZ R4SD1L-F927-WT R4SD1L-F930-BK R4SD1L-F930-HZ R4SD1L-F930-WT R4SD1L-N827-BK R4SD1L-N827-HZ R4SD1L-N827-WT R4SD1L-N830-BK R4SD1L-N830-HZ R4SD1L-N830-WT R4SD1L-N835-BK R4SD1L-N835-HZ R4SD1L-N835-WT R4SD1L-N840-BK R4SD1L-N840-HZ R4SD1L-N840-WT R4SD1L-N927-BK R4SD1L-N927-HZ R4SD1L-N927-WT R4SD1L-N930-BK R4SD1L-N930-HZ R4SD1L-N930-WT R4SD1L-S827-BK R4SD1L-S827-HZ R4SD1L-S827-WT R4SD1L-S830-BK R4SD1L-S830-HZ R4SD1L-S830-WT R4SD1L-S835-BK R4SD1L-S835-HZ R4SD1L-S835-WT R4SD1L-S840-BK R4SD1L-S840-HZ R4SD1L-S840-WT R4SD1L-S927-BK R4SD1L-S927-HZ R4SD1L-S927-WT R4SD1L-S930-BK R4SD1L-S930-HZ R4SD1L-S930-WT R4SD1L-W827-BK R4SD1L-W827-HZ R4SD1L-W827-WT R4SD1L-W830-BK R4SD1L-W830-HZ R4SD1L-W830-WT R4SD1L-W835-BK R4SD1L-W835-HZ R4SD1L-W835-WT R4SD1L-W840-BK R4SD1L-W840-HZ R4SD1L-W840-WT R4SD1L-W927-BK R4SD1L-W927-HZ R4SD1L-W927-WT R4SD1L-W930-BK R4SD1L-W930-HZ R4SD1L-W930-WT