WAC Recessed Lighting

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Adding Recessed Lighting with WAC

Founded in 1984, WAC Lighting has become renowned for its innovative and functional lighting and accessories. One of its specialties is recessed LED lighting suitable for indoor and outdoor residential or commercial use. WAC Lighting offers an impressive array of recessed fixtures ranging from flangeless recessed lights to mini recessed lights with LED modules to color changing recessed lights with Bluetooth compatibility. Once you understand the available options, picking the right type of recessed lighting is easy.

Picking the Perfect Recessed Lighting for Your Space

Recessed lighting serves many purposes and the sheer versatility makes them an ideal fixture for modern spaces. Choosing the right lighting depends on several factors. The most important thing to consider is where the recessed lighting will be installed. Though most recessed lighting fixtures are intended to be installed in ceilings, they can also be installed in walls and even outdoors.

Another important consideration is voltage type. Understanding the difference between line voltage versus low voltage recessed lighting is critical. Line voltage refers to standard 120V electrical currents that are standard in plug in type fixtures. Low voltage, on the other hand, relies on a built-in remote or transformer to provide consistent wattage. Ideally, low voltage transformers need to match the wattage of your WAC recessed light fixture.

Once the location is chosen, it’s time to decide on one or multiple fixtures to complement your space. WAC recessed lights come with a variety of trim styles specially designed to match WAC recessed housing options. Trim sizes range from small 2 to 4-inch sizes to larger 4 to 6-inch trims. The size you choose will largely depend on the room where the fixture is to be installed. For kitchens, larger trim sizes work best since more light is needed. If you plan to install one or more recessed fixtures in a dining room or living space 2 to 4 inch trim sizes are appropriate.

When it comes to illumination level, you’ll want to match the illumination level of new recessed fixtures with existing light sources to achieve the perfect balance of lighting in your space. For example, if you plan to install WAC recessed lighting in a living area, its best to choose those with 400 to 800 lumens and the color temperature should correlate with the color temperature of existing task lighting.

Top Selling WAC Recessed Lighting and Accessories

offers a plethora of designer recessed lighting options. Its best-selling recessed LED fixtures feature open reflectors that brightly illuminate dim spaces like lofts, corridors, alcoves, or any space that doesn’t have a natural light source. Design features of WAC Lighting’s top recessed lights range from ultramodern, die-cast aluminum models that absorb heat to contemporary recessed lighting that looks great in a range of spaces, from traditional to modern. Lamping options for WAC recessed lights include LED bulbs and modules of varying color temperatures suitable for all applications. Most models are ENERGY STAR qualified and are compatible with ELV or TRIAC 0 to 10V dimmers. Recessed lighting kits are also available and give you everything necessary for a complete recessed lighting installation.