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Modern Wall Clocks

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Adding a Modern Wall Clock to Your Home

Modern wall clocks are proof that no matter how much technology advances, some things never go out of style. Well-made timepieces are a time-honored tradition that always add elegance and personality to a home. Available in an array different shapes and sizes from small to large, modern wall clocks are a great way to spruce up your space.

Wall clocks are also suitable for a variety of rooms, from modern kitchen wall clocks to mid-century modern wall clock styles. Nearly any room in your home can benefit from the addition of a contemporary wall clock.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional Wall Clocks

There are a few differences between contemporary wall clocks and traditional wall clocks. Both can serve as much-needed accents in any room, but this will depend on the overall style of the room as well as your personal preferences. In modern decorating, many people prefer a mid-century modern look combined with contemporary elements.

Contemporary wall clocks tend to incorporate metal and feature clean lines. Modern silver wall clocks and modern black wall clocks have become extremely popular in recent years thanks to the minimalist home decor trend. The color schemes on modern clocks can range from subdued and neutral, to bold and bright. A lot of modern wall clocks also add a playful element, so the clock will do more than just telling the time, it will strike up curiosity among the visitors.

Traditional clocks, on the other hand, are typically made of more natural materials such as distressed wood, some have more intricate details. Clock collectors tend to prefer traditional clocks based on their high-quality craftsmanship. Traditional clocks tend to also be collectors’ items because they are made in various regions throughout the world and astute collectors understand the significance of the markings on antique clocks.

Popular Modern Wall Clocks

A creation of George Nelson, the is a brightly colored revitalization of a 1950s clock design. This modern wall clock serves as an easy way to bring a museum quality time peace until you're home. Available in five distinct finish options including multicolored, natural, black and brass, and red, the 13” diameter Ball Clock is a welcome addition to any home.

A delicately beautiful timepiece, the is made of natural birch wood planks that are molded into a disc-like shape similar to a sunflower. The stylish Sunflower Clock and be is a great way to bring the outdoors inside while maintaining elegance at the same time.

Another creation by George Nelson for Design House Vitra, the will automatically catch your attention as soon as you see it. Made from lacquered wood and metal and featuring a quartz movement, the Sunburst Clock is a beautiful yet contemporary design that will add flair to any room in your home. Available finishes include black brass, red, multicolored, and walnut.

Even More Modern Decor to Love

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