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Black Wall Sconces

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Learn More About Wall Sconces

Why Black Wall Sconces Work with Any Space

Wall sconces are one of the most versatile lighting solutions that can be beneficial for nearly every room in the modern home. They are a crucial component for properly layering light in contemporary spaces. Wall sconces can help balance illumination throughout a space since they can provide ambient, task, and accent lighting.

All wall sconces are affixed to a wall, but they come in many different finishes, shapes, and designs. Black wall sconces are one of the most common options since they are versatile enough to blend in with almost any décor, but unique enough to add a modern, dramatic look to the home. Black wall lights are both traditional and contemporary while being elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Different Styles of Black Wall Scones

  • Up/down Lights: They are characterized by beaming light both upwards and downwards. These wall lights are perfect for brightening common and utilitarian spaces of the home, such as hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. Black up/down lights are often rectangular or square, but they can come in other shapes as well.

  • Gooseneck Lights: These black wall sconces offer a distinct aesthetic that is both traditional and modern. They are characterized by a shade suspended on a curved arm. They typically concentrate light downwards, but some black gooseneck lights feature adjustable shades.

  • Swing Arm: These black wall lights are an excellent option where concentrated light is needed, such as next to a chair, desk, or bed. They feature a shade and bulb suspended on an arm that can be swung or adjusted to provide illumination wherever desired within reach.

  • Spotlight: While one might typically associate spotlights with the theater, black wall spotlights are trending for the modern home. These lights can often be swiveled, meaning they beam potent light wherever it is needed most, whether in the kitchen or the office.

Certain styles such as candelabra or tear drop wall lights can add a traditional or classic look and feel to the room. Abstract black wall sconces are well-suited for catching the eye in the modern home. Common styles like globe or round wall sconces are an excellent choice for their versatility in any room of the house.

Black is a perfect color for wall sconces because it is both distinct and classic. and are other popular choices for the modern home, which offer their own unique benefits in terms of style and function.

Where to Place Black Wall Sconces

Black wall lights are an excellent choice for nearly any room in the modern home since they are timeless and versatile. Heavily used areas such as the living room or kitchen would benefit from the ambient lighting black wall sconces can provide. They are commonly used in addition to pendants or ceiling lights.

Certain types of black wall sconces, such as swing arm wall lights, can be used for task lighting. This is especially useful in the living room or office, where direct light is needed for certain tasks like working or reading.

Black wall sconces are also a perfect choice to add ambient lighting to elevate the atmosphere of a space in the contemporary home. When suspended from the wall in the dining room, black wall sconces can provide an intimate, cozy setting in the dining room or bedroom.