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Ambient Floor Lamps

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Learn More About Ambient Floor Lamps

Create Ambiance with Ambient Floor Lamps

A classic choice for the modern home, modern ambient floor lamps are extremely versatile lighting fixtures that illuminate living spaces and create character. With options for every style, it will be easy to find the right match to elevate existing decor and heighten the atmosphere. Ambient floor lamps usually serve as the primary light source in the room, providing enough light to replace the need for overhead lighting. For this reason, they are a perfect solution to the lighting needs of any room without the commitment of a permanent installation.

High-end floor lamps can transform a living space with soft mood lighting layers that brighten the energy of a room. essentially consist of a supporting base, a stem, and a light source. Ambient floor lamps are often shaded to diffuse light with a variety of lamp shape styles and materials. Mood floor lamps create soft and warm mood lighting to relax visitors and homeowners alike.

How to Choose the Best Ambient Floor Lamp

When choosing a floor lamp, consider functionality first by assessing the lighting needs of the space. generally provide upward illumination towards the ceiling, which is great for accent lighting. In contrast, for more general lighting of the entire room, an ambient floor lamp is a great way to add character while brightening the space. A would be ideal for specific task lighting.

Once the need for an ambient floor lamp has been established, select a lamp with the right size and shape to be accommodated by the living space. Many ambient floor lamps have slim profiles and unique shade designs with differing heights. Other ambient floor lamps have a larger tripod or abstract base, giving these models a distinct and interesting look. When reach is needed, choose a model with a swing arm to provide the extra reach that extends the light source away from the base.

Matching the color scheme and decor of the room will blend a floor lamp into a cohesive modern look. Or, go bold and choose an abstract statement piece as a focal point to the space that entertains as much as it illuminates. With the latest LED technology, are available in a range of warm and cool tones that help to curate the desired mood. Many contemporary floor lamp designs include dimmer settings with a full range of intensity, allowing for even greater versatility.

Creating a Well-Designed Space with Ambient Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to illuminate a room without installing overhead lighting. Ambient floor lamps fit easily in room corners and between furniture. They are also very portable and can be repositioned with the decor, making them a versatile option for the modern home. Large floor lamps look great next to living room couches and can round out seating areas.

Many floor lamps are narrow in size and easily placed within any room. Larger areas can accommodate more elaborate bases that may include a tripod or abstract design. Make sure a visually striking floor lamp has room to shine and can be viewed from around the room for maximum impact. A bold contemporary design with oversized features can make a great statement piece and add a touch of whimsy to a neutral room.