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Bedroom Lighting

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Create a Well-Designed Bedroom with Modern Bedroom Lighting

A bedroom is no longer a place just for sleeping; it is a space for relaxing, getting ready in the morning, and working late into the night. Yet bedroom lighting is often inadequate as it has not always been a strong factor in design since the absence of light is what is needed for sleeping. However, with the role of the bedroom changing, it is important that bedroom lighting is ample and as functional as the room itself.

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How to Light a Bedroom

Just like every other room, the base of bedroom lighting is general, ambient light. From putting away laundry to making the bed, this is the light that keeps the space functional and easy to navigate. An easy way to add ambient light in a bedroom is with a ceiling light. Whether it is a , , or , install the light fixture in the middle of the ceiling to evenly distribute ambient illumination throughout the room.

Bedside Lighting for the Modern Bedroom

The finishing touch to a bedroom lighting arrangement is bedside lighting. Bedside lights function as either night lights or reading lights, and some are even multifunctional as they include USB ports, catch-all trays, and shelves. Besides the traditional , bedside lighting now includes both pendant lights and wall sconces. A single pendant light suspended above a nightstand is a creative and modern lighting solution. It provides accent light while keeping the bedside table vacant for other things such as an alarm clock or books. A is another practical bedside light. Mounted next to a headboard, an adjustable wall sconce is perfect for providing directional light for reading or working in bed.

The Best in Bedroom Lighting

At YLighting we offer a wide assortment of lights and fans that will create a dynamic and functional bedroom lighting arrangement.

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