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8 Ultra-Unique Table Lamps

Table lamps are highly practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a style punch. These clever and innovative lamps make a statement AND add some unexpectedness to your space — whether they’re on or off. Here are some of my favorite modern table lamps that are anything-but-standard.

FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp from Marset | YLighting
FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp from Marset

The FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp from Marset can really go places. What makes this cute table lamp unique is that it’s rechargeable. Just charge it up and get exploring. Or just take it into a blanket fort for some nighttime reading. 

IC T1 Low Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting
IC T1 Low Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting

The IC T1 Low Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting is a glamorous globe of light. The opal glass sphere balances on golden rods, giving the impression that it’s floating.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Buster Globe Accent Table Lamp from Robert Abbey

A little more industrial, the Buster Globe Accent Table Lamp from Robert Abbey certainly makes a statement. The seeded glass diffuser and aged brass finish give this modern table lamp a steampunk vibe that is certainly unique.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Rabbit Table Lamp from Moooi

How cute is the Rabbit Table Lamp from Moooi? The playful design in chic black allows this lamp to go just about anywhere.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Taj Mini LED Table Lamp from Kartell

The Kartell Taj Mini LED Table Lamp is like a little wave of LED light. In transparent crystal this lamp maintains a discreet look that still stands out all on its own.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Mod 548 Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting

The Mod 548 Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting is a midcentury modern dream. Bright pops of color and an atomic design come together to make one heck of a lamp.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Jeeves Table Lamp from Innermost

A playful design, the Jeeves Table Lamp from Innermost is certainly unique. Place it prominently for a fun conversation piece.

Modern Table Lamps |YLighting
Dalu Table Lamp from Artemide Lighting

I love this lamp. The Dalu Table Lamp from Artemide Lighting either looks like one of those full head hair dryers or something from the future.

To harness the power of your table lamp, be sure to consider the following:

Size matters. The scale should complement other decorative elements in your space, especially the table it sits on.
Layer the light. To accommodate different brightening needs, use table lamps in rooms that have support from other lights, such as ceiling lights. Consider the room and table color. Pale walls and surfaces will reflect the light, while dark colors and wood will absorb it, requiring more light output.

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