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Robert Abbey is an American lighting company, based in North Carolina and founded in 1948. This family-owned and operated company offers a wide range of eclectic lighting options, ranging from elegant to . By joining forces with top designers such as Jonathan Adler and Michael Berman, Robert Abbey offers classic lighting options with a fashionable twist.

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How Robert Abbey Got Its Start

Robert Abbey was founded as a small family-owned business and remains in familial hands to this day. What began as a small lighting company has expanded to a 350,000 square foot factory, corporate offices, and design studios, located on 22 acres of land in Hickory, North Carolina. Third generation family members make up a portion of the employee base which gives this lighting design and production company a warm, hometown feel.

The Aesthetics and Values of Robert Abbey

The Robert Abbey team puts design at the forefront of its creation process alongside customer loyalty. Robert Abbey is where it is today due to its loyal fan base and the owners and employees never forget that aspect. The Robert Abbey team strives to produce lighting in keeping with high-quality standards and excellent prices with all of its merchandise along with ensuring creative, trendsetting lighting options for the customers to enjoy.

From to , the aesthetic qualities of Robert Abbey lighting, in addition to the high-quality construction, is what turns occasional shoppers into steadfast fans. From the dazzling Bling Collection to the retro Sputnik Collection, Robert Abbey lighting items comprise an expansive product line. Some of the fashionable lighting offerings available with Robert Abbey fall within the categories of modern, traditional, and even 1970s chic. The detailing of each individual light is vibrant enough to transform an entire room. No matter what style of room the lighting is being chosen for, there is a Robert Abbey lighting option to fit perfectly within it.

Robert Abbey Collection Favorites

Robert Abbey offers a wide array of collections, each with its own individual style and design attributes. The Jonathan Adler Collection embraces gold and geometric shapes within the designs of the , wall sconces, floor lamps, and . Not to be too uniform, the Jonathan Adler Collection also includes some silver tones for the multi-faceted metal lovers out there.

Another Robert Abbey favorite is the with its circular shapes and bronze transparent fabric-adorned shades. The collection includes a wide array of lighting types, including pendant lights, floor lamps, chandeliers, and more.

For the retro chic crowd, the is sure to please. Lighting options within this collection feature gold accents, straight lines, and plentiful round exposed bulbs, creating a nostalgic yet trendsetting feel.

The is one which adds an eye-catching, glitzy atmosphere to any room. Brilliant lights and elegant construction make this collection a favorite choice for foyers and formal dining rooms.

As an added bonus, many of the Robert Abbey collections come in a variety of color tones and materials, such as brass, bronze, and nickel, so lighting shoppers can select a style which works best within the interior of the home.

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Robert Abbey

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