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Best Pendant Lighting Ideas for the Modern Bathroom

Pendant lighting is a welcome change up in the modern bathroom. Here are some of our favorite modern bathroom pendant lighting ideas to help inspire you.

Vanity Lighting

Modern Bathroom Ideas | SoCo Pendant Light from TECH Lighting | YLighting Bathroom Pendant Lighting
SoCo Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

Stylish and versatile, hanging two or three pendants is a welcomed change from the traditional look of a tired out vanity bar light. They’re also a great option for vaulted ceilings as they help to draw the eye down. The SoCo Pendant Light delivers plenty of choices, thus, giving you the option to create the right pendant lighting look for your modern bathroom.

Over the Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Diamond Pendant Light from Feiss |YLighting Bathroom Pendant Lighting
Diamond Pendant Light from Feiss

An oversized pendant light over the bathtub creates visual interest, while highlighting a prominent modern bathroom feature. Look for a light that can stand alone, preferably one with plenty of texture or geometric lines, like the Diamond Pendant Light.

Dramatic Lead Up

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Calx LED Pendant Light By Nick Sheridan, from Cerno |YLighting Bathroom Pendant Lighting
Calx LED Pendant Light By Nick Sheridan, from Cerno

If your master bathroom has a long hallway leading up to it, consider using the narrow space to showcase some dramatic pendant lighting. Two Calx LED Pendant Lights help to guide the way into the  bathroom. This is also a great for tying in multiple areas of your bathroom by including the same lights in the bathroom as well as in the closet or entryway.

Utilitarian Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Uplift Pendant Light from Robern | YLighting Bathroom Pendant Lighting
Uplift Pendant Light from Robern

While pendant lighting may not seem to provide the proper illumination for task lighting, it’s just about picking the right light. Consider the Uplift Pendant Light for minimal utilitarian like lighting. It’s 3000K, 24 watt bulb recommended for task lighting, making it ideal for hanging near your bathroom mirror.

Added Ambiance

Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Arundel Small Pendant Light from Waterworks | YLighting Bathroom Pendant Lighting
Arundel Small Pendant Light from Waterworks

We all know that layering your light in the bathroom is the key to lighting success. Pendant lighting is a wonderful way to include a bit of ambiance. The Arundel Small Pendant Light lets off a diffused, ambient light. Thus, it’s great for using in conjunction with brighter task lighting. Try flanking your vanity with two ambient lighting pendants to achieve an added warmth of light.

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