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Modern Design Icons: Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier

The Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier is a cult favorite. Its bold, geometric form is versatile and looks more like a work of art. We’re taking a closer look into the inspiration, incarnation, and some famous installations of this iconic lighting fixture.


Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier in White | YLighting
Big Bang Chandelier By Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Enrico Franzolini, from Foscarini

The Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier was designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Enrico Franzolini in 2005. The two designers took their inspiration from the explosive force of the primordial explosion which gave origin to the universe. Hence the name, Big Bang. As a modern take on this scientific theory, Big Bang looks like an abstract representation of the event. Panels cross and intersect one another at odd angles, trapping the light source inside.


Foscarini Big Bang LED Chandelier |YLighting
Big Bang LED Chandelier in Red from Foscarini

Big Bang has an exuberant personality that captivates a room. Its composition features a structural luminous body that’s characterized by a play of shadow and light. The overall aesthetic leaves a huge visual impact while remaining airy in appearance. It’s the melding of sculpture and light fixture into one.  Big Bang has a multi-dimensional form that provides interest for the eye at every angle. However, to really take in the full effect, use a dimmer to take it from bright to romantic. Big Bang is also available in an XL, LED, and Wall/Ceiling versions.

Big Bang Wall/Ceiling Light from Foscarini | YLighting
Big Bang Wall/Ceiling Light from Foscarini

Panels of methacrylate radiate outwards in every which way, giving the appearance of an abstract explosion. In addition, each panel is translucent, acting as a diffuser for the light source within. While the staggering look of the diffusers may seem erratic, its form only speaks to its origin of inspiration. While in white, they hold their own against a white ceiling without distracting. But in red, they’re a bold and brazen statement.


Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier | YLighting
Bookshop della Biennale, Corderie dell’Arsenale – Venezia Photo credits- Alessandro Paderni via Foscarini

The Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier is hanging in numerous prominent projects around the globe. One of note is the custom installation in the Bookshop Della Biennale, Corderie dell’Arsenale – Venezia. Four chains of Big Bang Chandeliers hang down from the ceiling, thus creating a spectacular display of height and depth.

Foscarini Big Bang Chandelier |YLighting
Hotel BCN Design – Barcellona, Spagna Photo credits- Jordi Miralles via Foscarini

Another prominent installation is in the Hotel BCN Design – Barcellona, Spagna. Two red Big Bang Chandeliers hang over their black and white styled bar.

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