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LED Ceiling Light Ideas

LED lighting is the way of the future and for good reason. While they do have a higher upfront cost, LED lights are more efficient and last far longer than incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs, and can provide the warm or cool light temperatures your particular space needs. Not only that, but advances in LED technology and their compact size mean that they can be used in more configurations than ever before for more artistic shapes and more interesting lighting fixtures.

Round Out

led flush mount living room lighting.
Zeo Round LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Kichler

Round LED flush mount lights are a universally good choice for many types of rooms. Readily used in arrangements of multiple fixtures, this type of LED light will give off ample ambient lighting for any need and are easily combined with other lighting sources.

Optimal Arrangements

Living Room led cluster pendant ideas
Urban Mini LED Pendant Light from Axo Light

Due to LED technology, LED lights allow for wider flexibility of lighting options such as mini pendant lights. When hung in a clustered arrangement at random heights, this type of fixture is sure to add an instant upgrade to any room in your house.

Sense of Direction

led flush mount ceiling lighting ideas - YLighting.
Robotic LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from ZANEEN design

LED lights are directional meaning that, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs which throw light in all directions, they can be effectively directed where you need the light. To take full advantage of this trait, choose LED ceiling light fixtures that allow for rotation of multiple parts of the body and light.

Modern Charm

elegant flush mount lighting ideas.
Pascale Ceiling Light from Leucos Lighting

LED lights may be a newer technology, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have cozy charm. When used in a fixture with a crystal diffuser surrounded by a chrome frame, LED lights will provide decorative illumination to any room without a hint of modern blandness.

Kitchen Help

semi flush kitchen lighting ideas
Middlebury Round Semi-Flushmount Light By Hudson Valley Lighting

A pair of LED pendant fixtures over an island are a great choice for providing bright lighting in a kitchen. Match the light temperature of the pendants with the other lighting fixtures in the room for the best and most pleasing results.

Impact Statement

LED Linear Suspension lighting ideas.
Lenis LED Linear Suspension Light from Cerno

For a truly unique lighting experience in your dining room, look for a suspended LED ceiling light with a sculptural appearance. One that incorporates natural elements like wood with a more modern feel is the perfect statement piece for a rustic room.

Out of the Shadows


large close to ceiling pendant lighting ideas - YLighting.
Kina Pendant Light from David Trubridge

Because LED lights don’t give off as much heat as incandescent bulbs, pendant lights with a woven wood design are possible. Not only will this type of LED ceiling light provide abundant ambient illumination, it will also add visual interest through the shadows it throws.

Light the Way

led flush mount hallway lighting ideas.
Janeiro K LED Flushmount By Nemo

LED flush mount ceiling lights are a great choice for adding illumination to a hallway. Multiples can be used for an extra long hallway, and for added functionality and more pleasant nighttime lighting, dimmers are available for most LED lights.

Shaping Up

Wall and Ceiling LED Flush Lighting
Framework LED Wall / Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Axo Light

LED lights that are built into a rectangular framework can be used as suspension lights or as wall lights. For an avant-garde design, use both in the same space. Not only will they add visual interest to your room, but they will also provide abundant illumination for any task.

Light and Shades

Exos double drum pendant lighting
Exos Double Shade Pendant Light By Hubbardton Forge

For extra drama and style, choose an LED semi flush mount light with a double shade. Options abound with all the combinations that can be made between the color of the shade and the type of metallic accent. If you have a space large enough to accommodate multiple fixtures, arrange them a semi-random pattern for best results.

Simply the Best

LED Drum pendant lighting.
Exos Double Shade Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

A single oversized LED pendant light can be a great way to provide ample light to a room but keep a more minimalist aesthetic. A combination that works especially well is a fixture with a white shade and metallic accents hung from a rustic beam ceiling.

Traditional Trappings

Hexagonal Pendant Lighting ideas.
Cranton Hexagonal Pendant Light from Original BTC

For a more traditional space, an LED ceiling light fixture with perfect classic features that provides enough light for even a large room is the best choice. Look for intricate detail that will add style to your room and draw the eye upward toward beautiful crown molding and ceiling attributes.

Seeing Stars

modern led chandelier ideas.
Constellation Aquila Minor Chandelier from SONNEMAN Lighting

For an out of this world living room, look for an LED ceiling light fixture that mimics the stars in the night sky. Great for ambient illumination, this type of fixture will add a true sense of modern style and drama to your space.

Kitchen Fixtures

LED Kitchen flushmount lighting ideas
Cloud3 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Blackjack Lighting

Add bright lighting to your kitchen by installing an LED ceiling light fixture with multiple sources of light. Great for a kitchen with a modern aesthetic, the bright white illumination will make tasks easier and working in the kitchen more pleasant.

Clean Lines, Ample Light

large bathroom flush mount lighting ideas.
Boxie Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Tech Lighting

Even with abundant natural light, you’ll want to be sure you have ample lighting in your contemporary bathroom. Look to simple LED ceiling light fixtures with clean lines and a modern feel to provide the illumination you need because they are so easy to install as multiples.

Spot Lighting

Modern Drum pendant lights
Anderson Pendant Light By Arteriors

In a living room that is a blend of classic and modern, an LED ceiling light fixture that will make a statement is a bold choice. For pleasing ambient lighting, look for one that has interesting features such as perforated top and bottom shades for spots of light that play across the ceiling.

Out of the Dark

semi flush mount lighting ideas for low ceilings.
Collier Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

An LED ceiling light fixture with brass accents and an opal diffuser can add a touch of mid-century style to any space and really brighten up a darker room. This type of fixture makes achieving perfect layered lighting easy when combined with another lighting, such as wall sconces or lamps.

Mixing and Matching

modern flush lamp entryway lighting
Harper Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

LED ceiling light fixtures are a great choice to provide bright lighting for an entry hallway. If you have an open stairway that descends into your hallway, look for mix and match lighting fixtures and use smaller ones where the hallway narrows.

Effective and Efficient

semi flush mount low ceiling kitchen lighting
Charlotte Foyer Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

Energy-efficient semi flush mount LED lights are a great choice for a kitchen where lights are typically on more than the rest of a house. Look for ones that will complement your decor such as gold accents and off-white fabric shade for a contemporary kitchen.

Useful Upgrades

Bedroom LED Semi Flush drum lighting ideas.
Aldergate Convertible Pendant from Kichler

A transitional space will get an instant upgrade with an LED ceiling light fixture that combines contrasting metallic accents and geometric shapes. To be sure the pendant light doesn’t interfere with foot traffic, look for one that allows for height adjustment or that can be converted to a semi flush mount.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing lighting fixtures or you need to install new fixtures, you should start your search with LED lighting. The flexibility of LED technology means that you can find any type of light fixture you need, from LED chandeliers and pendants to low profile ceiling lights. Best of all, your future wallet will thank you for choosing LED lights. For more YLighting ideas, see our Ceiling Lighting Ideas.

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