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Spotlight On Varaluz Lighting: In the Mix

Ever since 2006, when former aerospace engineer Ron Henderson founded Varaluz, the quirky lighting manufacturer has been finding inspiration in materials that are often taken for granted: everything from bottles, shells, and natural fibers to wood, aluminum and recycled steel. With a sense of whimsical possibility and Eco-responsibility (plus a team of master artisans located in the Philippines), Varaluz has evolved as a collection of unique mixed-media masterpieces. Check out some our favorites:

Fascination 6 Light Orb Pendant Light from Varaluz | YLighting
Fascination 6 Light Orb Pendant Light

Inspired by an old Nevada miner’s cabin built entirely of wine bottles, the Fascination collection by Varaluz transforms colorful reclaimed glass discs and recycled steel into trash-to-treasure luminaires and room accents of kaleidoscopic brilliance.



Affinity 5 Light Drum Shade Pendant Light from Varaluz | YLighting
Affinity 5 Light Drum Shade Pendant Light

The Affinity series by Varaluz presents glowing pearlescent capiz shell and silvery-bronze recycled steel to suggest a cityscape at sunset.  Fun fact: the semi-transparent sustainable shells are derived from the placuna placenta—also known as the windowpane oyster—found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines.

Elysse Wall Sconce from Varaluz | YLighting
Elysse Wall Sconce

You could describe the Elysse collection from Varaluz as a spectacular composition of recycled steel wire, recycled champagne glass bobèches and tri-tone crystals, but that would be missing the story. With her golden ringlets and elegant adornments, Elysse could be viewed as a certain princess at the ball, and midnight is never going to strike because the evening’s just too beautiful to end.

Lofty 4 Light Vanity Light from Varaluz | YLighting
Lofty 4 Light Vanity Light

Like wine and cheese or a couch and Netflix, some things are better together. The Lofty collection from Varaluz mixes hand-forged recycled steel with wood, for a new take on contemporary Industrial style.

Occasion Table Lamp By Ron Henderson, from Varaluz | YLighting
Occasion Table Lamp

Eastern motifs meet Western aesthetics in the Varaluz Occasion lighting collection. Its elegantly tapered framework—inspired by the torii gates at Shinto shrines—is hard-forged of recycled steel and hand-finished in Zen Gold. A drum shade injects a mid-century modern note executed in luxurious tan silk.

Pinwheel Wall or Ceiling Light from Varaluz | YLighting
Pinwheel Wall or Ceiling Light

Who knew recycled aluminum could be so playful? The Pinwheel lighting collection from Varaluz features a simple sphere adorned with shimmering pinwheels. Although they don’t spin in the breeze, the twists and turns of gleaming metal create an airy look that reflects light in all directions.

Tinali 12 Light Chandelier from Varaluz | YLighting
Tinali 12 Light Chandelier

The Tinali lighting collection from Varaluz presents a fusion of modern shapes, hand-forged recycled steel and sustainable abaca fiber.  Abaca is a prized, and highly-sustainable, fiber that is used to make products ranging from twine to tea bags. It provides a natural counterpoint to the lustrous, sophisticated sheen of Tinali’s Gold Dust finish.

The luminaires mentioned above include only a sampling of the materials that make Varaluz so delightfully tactile. Click here to see more on their product page.

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Jocelyn Yi

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