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Top 10 Lights From TECH Lighting

TECH Lighting offers premier lighting that’s unparalled in quality and design. With dozens of designs and fixtures TECH Lighting never loses sight of maintaining performance and continues to pay attention to even the slightest of details. Here are our top 10 lights from TECH Lighting:

1. SoCo Pendant Light

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SoCo Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

A clean and adaptable light, the SoCo system of Sockets & Cords is all about providing flexible customization. With the option to choose, the power to design these simple pendant lights with a variety of socket, finish, color and length options is placed into your hands. We love it because you can mix, match, and cluster however you see fit.

2. Boxie LED Ceiling Light

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Boxie LED Ceiling Light from TECH Lighting

The Boxie LED Ceiling Light is a clean and simple way to provide overhead lighting in your modern bathroom. A squared design is composed of a pressed glass shade and a polished metal surface to provide subtle illumination. Its wet location rating makes it ideal for even installing above your shower.

3. Ebb Outdoor Wall Light

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Ebb Outdoor Wall Light from TECH Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the Ebb Outdoor Wall Light. The clean asymmetrical shape houses a powerful LED light that is distributed bi-directionally. Its distinct and eye-catching design stylishly disperses light into the night.

4. Capsian Grande LED  Pendant Light + Mali Grande Pendant Light

TECH Lighting |YLighting
Capsian Grande LED Pendant Light + Mali Grande Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

Handblown by Italian artisans, both the Capsian Grande LED Pendant Light and the Mali Grande Pendant Light are inspired by Moroccan shapes. Transparent glass in earthy hues is illuminated by a glowing incandescent lightbulb, creating a dramatic display of color, reflection, and light.

5. Finn Bath Vanity Light

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Finn Bath Vanity Light from TECH Lighting

The Finn Bath Vanity Light brings just the right kind of light to your bathroom vanity. Not too soft and not too bright, the LED light source is perfectly diffused behind a domed acrylic diffusor.

6. Revel Low Voltage Pendant

TECH Lighting|YLighting
Revel Low Voltage Pendant from TECH Lighting

The Revel Low Voltage Pendant is sleek and dare we say sexy? Slim metal cylinders in chic shinning finishes feature several horizontal cutouts for an eye-catching modern accent. These create an alluring focal point when clustered together, though they look equally as stunning lined in a single row.

7. Parallax Linear Suspension

TECH Lighting|YLighting
Parallax Linear Suspension from TECH Lighting

Let the Parallax Linear Suspension light’s minimalistic appearance update your modern home. Its slim and sleek profile hovers over a dining room table or bar, casting a beautiful, warm light that’s ideal for creating ambiance and still providing ample task light.

8. Alina Pendant

TECH Lighting|YLighting
Alina Pendant from TECH Lighting

A row of Alina Pendants look great hanging over a kitchen island. Their beautiful teardrop shape and gradient coloring is made from hand-blown Venetian glass.

9. Metro Vanity Light

TECH Lighting|YLighting
Metro Vanity Light from TECH Lighting

A fan favorite, the Metro Vanity Light is a must for lighting any vanity area. Its heavy frosted glass will provide shadow free lighting and its clean, sleek style adds an updated contemporary look to any modern bathroom.

10. Topo Low Voltage Pendant

 TECH Lighting|YLighting
Topo Low Voltage Pendant from TECH Lighting

The Topo Low Voltage Pendant adds a natural sophistication to any room. A soft fabric shade is trimmed with a band of wood, offering an organic aesthetic that’s warm and inviting.

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