• Ships to Canada

The Bling I 120V Down Pendant Light uses a handcrafted glass shade with an angel hair string drip design in a traditional shape.

Designed for use with Bruck's Zonyx, Eco or Geo Track systems or optional canopy. Ships with clear, black, silver or gold glass shade. Offered with matte chrome, chrome or bronze finish. Shown with clear glass shade and matte chrome finish.

Mounting Options:

  • ECO: No canopy. Includes Eco Adapter for use with Eco Track Systems
  • ZONYX: No canopy. Includes Zonyx Adapter for use with Zonyx Track Systems (Matte Chrome finish only)
  • GEO: No canopy. Includes Geo Adapter for use with Geo Track Systems
  • MP: Canopy that mounts to standard 3.5"-4" round junction box

  • 4.8"D X 4.3"H
  • MP/Canopy: 4.5"D X 1.75"H
  • ECO Adapter: 4.13"H
  • GEO Adapter: 1.75"H
  • Zonyx Adapter: 4.5"H
Glass shade, metal components
Lamp Type
1 X 40W 120V G9 (9mm bi-pin base) halogen lamp (not included)
Manufacturer Information
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Item Number
320178bz/ecobk 320178bz/ecosv 320178bz/ecowh 320178bz/geobk 320178bz/geosv 320178bz/geowh 320178bz/MP 320178bz/zonmc 320178ch/ecobk 320178ch/ecosv 320178ch/ecowh 320178ch/geobk 320178ch/geosv 320178ch/geowh 320178ch/MP 320178ch/zonmc 320178mc/ecobk 320178mc/ecosv 320178mc/ecowh 320178mc/geo sv 320178mc/geobk 320178mc/geowh 320178mc/MP 320178mc/zonmc 320840bz/ecobk 320840bz/ecosv 320840bz/ecowh 320840bz/geobk 320840bz/geosv 320840bz/geowh 320840bz/MP 320840bz/zonmc 320840ch/ecobk 320840ch/ecosv 320840ch/ecowh 320840ch/geobk 320840ch/geosv 320840ch/geowh 320840ch/MP 320840ch/zonmc 320840mc/ecobk 320840mc/ecosv 320840mc/ecowh 320840mc/geobk 320840mc/geosv 320840mc/geowh 320840mc/MP 320840mc/zonmc 320841bz/ecobk 320841bz/ecosv 320841bz/ecowh 320841bz/geobk 320841bz/geosv 320841bz/geowh 320841bz/MP 320841bz/zonmc 320841ch/ecobk 320841ch/ecosv 320841ch/ecowh 320841ch/geobk 320841ch/geosv 320841ch/geowh 320841ch/MP 320841ch/zonmc 320841mc/ecobk 320841mc/ecosv 320841mc/ecowh 320841mc/geobk 320841mc/geosv 320841mc/geowh 320841mc/MP 320841mc/zonmc 320842bz/ecobk 320842bz/ecosv 320842bz/ecowh 320842bz/geobk 320842bz/geosv 320842bz/geowh 320842bz/MP 320842bz/zonmc 320842ch/ecobk 320842ch/ecosv 320842ch/ecowh 320842ch/geobk 320842ch/geosv 320842ch/geowh 320842ch/MP 320842ch/zonmc 320842mc/ecobk 320842mc/ecosv 320842mc/ecowh 320842mc/geobk 320842mc/geosv 320842mc/geowh 320842mc/MP 320842mc/zonmc