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Modern lighting and LED technology have become virtually synonymous in recent years. This shift in style is largely thanks to Bruck Lighting, where LEDs have been a fixture of contemporary lighting design for nearly three decades.

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Bruck Lighting Origin Story

In 1993, Bruck became the first American manufacturer to integrate LED systems into traditional lighting fixtures. In the years since, these systems have become a common feature in homes and businesses across the nation.

Since becoming part of the U.S. lighting scene in 1985, founder Alex Ladjevardi has made it a mission to employ the brightest minds and best engineers. Bruck Lighting and its extraordinary team of designers consistently deliver quality contemporary fixtures, keeping up with changing styles while driving innovation in the field.

The company designs and manufactures in Tustin, CA as part of the Ledra Brands family. Known for their forward-thinking designs that businesses can rely on, Bruck is often the choice for top-tier lighting designers. Bruck products are routinely placed in high-end projects and their track lighting in particular appears in impressive structures around the world.

The Versatility of Bruck Lighting

Bruck Lighting systems feature a range of elegant, creative and useful pieces. The company’s versatile line includes indoor and outdoor fixtures for general, task and accent lighting. Bruck offers new twists on traditional designs, as well as contemporary collections that deliver innovative looks and functionality.

The company relies on balanced designs and quality materials to ensure every lamp looks good while still illuminating fully. By putting technology first without losing sight of appearance, all the Bruck collections stay current and attractive.

Bruck Track Lighting

Bruck track lighting systems offer a unique blend of artistry and structural integrity. The frames enhance overhead aesthetic while effectively lighting expansive rooms. Numerous options account for the differing styles and layouts of interior spaces, with tracks and cables supporting a variety of bulbs and structures. An array of spotlights and pendants adorn these systems, providing controlled overhead lighting with plenty of aesthetic flair.

The company upholds strict standards with its LED technology, providing customers with the right bulb for every specific task. As many businesses use track lighting to illuminate products and spaces with precision, Bruck takes pride in maintaining industry-leading color consistency.

Interior and Exterior

Outdoor lighting from Bruck carries just as much appeal as the interior tracks and sconces. Strong frames and powerful bulbs allow for purposeful exterior lighting displays. These pieces bring contemporary style and general lighting to the areas most in need.

The expectation for modern lighting lives at the crossroads of appeal and practicality. Bruck Lighting earned its stripes bringing LED technology into decorative fixtures, and the company has been a leader in that mission ever since.

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Bruck Lighting

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